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Art & Artifact Kitchen Renovation

Montreal, Canada is home to many traditional French-Canadian wonders, and the Art & Artifact Kitchen Renovation was no exception to such things, giving the professional interior and industrial design team of Cuisines Steam an amazing project to take on. This interior redesign was meant to honor the rich travel experiences of the owner, ensuring that the kitchen harnessed and maintained the memoirs of past adventures, present endeavors, and future dream explorations to be had.

Steeped in personality and individualism, the tall order of this kitchen makeover was to make a space that didn’t appear as a kitchen, but rather – introduced a gathering area from which to dine on memories based on the feast of carvings and statues and sought-out keepsakes from a world of travels.



Ergo, a flat-white table with an underside open compartment on which multiple wooden heads are perched, is set against a wall of 3 tiers of solid ebony shelving and a large black basin for storage and display. All of which is lit perfectly by the floor to ceiling window at the far end of the table, offering ample light, while shedding light on the stories that wait within each displayed piece that lines these shelves.

The kitchen counter and cooking area is also a solid black, L-shaped base, with matching black shelving just above eye-level where more travel gems are displayed, filling this well-masked kitchen with sights from another land. The entire space is buzzing with well-traveled energy, and encapsulates the vision the owner desired beautifully, while lending an adventuresome air for all who enter!


Design: Cuisines Steam
Photography: Mario Dubreuil

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