Tiny apartment in Hong Kong: Space Invaders


We’re all aware that space is at a premium in Hong Kong, and this tiny 35sqm apartment shows how clever design can maximize space and banish excess. This apartment, designed by OneByNine, also brings in an unexpected and playful spatial element, Space Invaders. Let’s look at the sleek design first! Continue reading

Stylist Daniella Witte shows how small can be big


Do you sometimes wonder what quality of life stands for? Is it correlated with money, large spaces for living or perhaps adequate amounts of free time and the ability to choose for ourselves? Does it have to do with living in the country or living in the city enjoying the opportunities offered? The space shared today measures but 37sq m and it certainly is a great example of how small can be big and how country and city life can be combined. Continue reading

Tiny Studio apartment in Sweden: Colorful First Impressions


You’ll be dazzled and smitten the minute you feel the color combinations in this tiny Swedish studio apartment foyer. The graphic fresh print wall covering and the tomato red chest framed by a wall coated in lime combine to form a first rate welcoming committee. Of course there is more to them than meets the eye. All functional requirements are fulfilled by storage chests, coat hooks, and a mirror to check the tilt of your hat. The distinctly unique chests keep the space airy by floating above the caramel wood floor on graceful stylish legs. Continue reading

A tiny apartment in Sodermalm’s most wanted address


How would you like to be the new owner of this small “mansion” located on the second floor of one of the most wanted addresses in Stockholm? I wouldn’t mind at all to have a city place like that and I have reasons to believe I’m not alone in that. Bond street is a mostly loved location for its amazing properties much like this charming, oddly shaped apartment. Continue reading

Chalet B47: designed as a Swiss army knife


Can you imagine living in a Swiss army arsenal built in world war II? Well this small chalet is as cleverly designed as a Swiss army knife. Ralph Germann Atelier d’Architecture preserved the soft patina of the original structure, by inserting a crisp glass cube inside the exterior wood walls. I know, genius, right? Continue reading

Manhattan micro loft: on top of New York City’s roof


Given the remarkable way in which a footprint of just 425 sq ft has been put into excellent use in this small loft located on the top of a Manhattan’s Upper West Side brownstone building, the title “micro – loft” is but a humble way to describe it. Taking advantage of the space’s 25 feet height and the lucky event of it having access to a roof terrace, architect Specht Harpman and his design team successfully created four separate living platforms inserted within the space, providing rooms for all the essentials while still allowing the apartment to feel open and light filled. Continue reading

Valentin Home Studio: A Study of Suspense


Five hundred square feet may be perfect for an artist’s studio. Yet it can be a real challenge for a home that provides any interest or privacy without feeling claustrophobic. Or it may be an incredible opportunity for suspense and creativity. This split level open space, in the southern Parisian suburbs of Montrouge, was taken to new heights – despite or perhaps because of its small size. Continue reading

Battery Park Studio Apartment: Geniusly Small


Studio apartments can be, frankly, stifling in their size and physical limitations. And with a bustling noisy city outside it can feel as though spaces are too small and there’s no place to relax. Well, forget all those troubles and let’s explore a genius solution brought to life through exquisite finesse and detail, in Battery Park, New York. Continue reading

P13: energized life in a mini loft in Bratislava


How about a little trip to Bratislava in order to witness ourselves the magical transformation of a not so inspiring one bedroom apartment to a lively, comfortable mini loft? Thanks to demolishing walls and completely removing the bathroom, a new floor plan was able to be designed, creating a cool tiny living space of no more than 44 square meters. Continue reading

A tiny boathouse: Floating in life like on vacation all the time


How would you like being at home all the time while at the same time being on vacation? Or at least feeling like being on vacation? As an interior designer I always focus simultaneously on functionality and a feeling of life being easy at home. Just like a vacation would be. Living in a tiny pretty houseboat as the Australian Interior designer Jessica does, certainly answers that. She takes advantage of the ability to be outside a lot, on the deck and the jetty by the river, rejuvenating herself, while being able to concentrate on the essentials in life. Continue reading