verner panton - Verner Panton colorful interior design style

Verner Panton colorful interior design style

verner-panton-interior-design-style Denmark visionary designer, Verner Panton, a remarkable innovative talent of 20th century design and architecture. He was a master of the fluid, futuristic 60s style design which introduced the Pop aesthetic to furniture and interior design style.

Yet Verner Panton’s style could not have been more different from the soft, naturalistic forms and materials which were the hallmarks of Danish modernism interior design style, Panton envisioned a colorful future. His passion lay in experiments with plastics and other materials to create vibrant colors in the geometric forms of Pop Art. His creations are known for their bold beautiful colors and shapes. Verner Panton designed the Wire Chairs and Moon Lamp, the 1-2-3 furniture system and of course, the Panton Chair – a glossy red sleek and sexy chair made from a single piece of plastic.

Verner Panton also experimented with living environments interior design style, such as the Astoria Hotel at Trondheim, Norway where he covered the walls, floors and ceilings in an Op Art-inspired pattern in variations of the same color. Then he created the more fantastical Canteen for Spiegel Spiegel Publishing House in Hamburg and the “Fantasy Landscape Room” at the Visiona II exhibition at the 1970 Cologne Furniture Fair – a vividly colored cave-like wonderland that seemed totally out-of-this-world. See a Tour of Verner Panton’s Visiona 2, an extremely rare footage taken on the Loreley ship in 1970!.


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