desks sm - The Nautilus office interior design by Because we can

The Nautilus office interior design by Because we can

office-interior-design Here is a 3,000 sq. ft. office interior design by “Because we can” for Three Rings Design, Inc. based upon The Nautilus from the novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

Now you tell me, who wouldn’t want to work at a place like this? Forget about working – I would live there! It’s colorful, whimsical and you feel like you’re in a movie or in another world completely. This office interior design has several work areas, with complex screens separating them and plenty of Victorian submarine trappings. Each work area has between five and seven desks in it, depending on the area’s size. Each desk is unique, and was actually either drawn or chosen by the employee who sits there. Everyone got to make their own desk!

To separate out the space, “Because we can” designed and built arches which define the work areas, while the larger screen dividers separate the ‘work’ areas from the ‘hang out’ areas. What a cool and inspiring office interior design.

“An important aspect of working at Three Rings is that as game designers, they immerse themselves into their work. So they needed to have a totally sweet set up for playing games. It’s research…right? So we created a “Tentacle Attack” room, complete with 19 ft long tentacle couches, a TV game cabinet, and a color-shifting glowing coffee table.”

Because We Can, LLC is lead by a husband and wife team, Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup, working in all mediums and exploring new ways of solving old problems. Their goal is to create truly inspiring, awesome, and creative spaces and furniture that will bring out the best in people.


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