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Hanging room divider Sotto


Check out the stylish Sotto hanging room divider, from Nexxt by Linea, with its retro-chic geometric cutouts and sophisticated walnut veneer finish.

Measuring 40 inches wide by 88 inches high with multiple assembly options to suit your desired look, simply attach it to the ceiling with the hanging bar or hang it as a wall decor creating an impact like no other.


What’s unique about this decorative room divider is that it comes in various designs and sizes, providing a nice partition in a room while still maintaining an open, airy feel – Perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, or foyer and simply ideal for dividing up large living spaces like studios, lofts, and open floor plans.



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11 thoughts on “Hanging room divider Sotto

  1. daniela mancini

    goodday, would like info about costs, where to buy, Sottohanging room divider. I live in Vicenza Italy thanks. Daniela

  2. Katrina


    I’m looking to purchase one of your Sotto hanging room divider, from Nexxt by Linea, with the retro-chic geometric cutouts,

    but I was wondering if it was available in any other colours?

    Thank you

  3. James Payne

    Hi, I am interested in buying the Sotto Walnut vereer hanging room divider. Would you please be so kind to give me any infomation that you might have concerning this room divider where can I buy this item and how much it will cost.

    Thank you,

  4. Monika Godhwani

    I liked both sotto hangings.
    I need in Pune, India.
    How can I get this in 7ft or 8ft tall.
    kindly revert

  5. Sally Poyser

    Hi, was wanting to know dimensions and if any other colours were available as well as price please.
    Regards Sally.

    1. admin

      Yes Sally, there are different designs available. Simply click the red button with “Buy This Item” link for more info about pricing and sizes.

  6. Anil

    What is the thickness of this screen and each of the block is attached with steel wire or rods
    Also Please let me know if its availble in India


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