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Garage House

The working wonders of the Garage House makes you want to both giggle and look on in awe. Turned into a true work of art by Fala Atelier, this unconventional project was requested by a young couple that was open to converting a windowless 200 sq.m. garage in Lisbon, Portugal, into a house they can now call home.

Working within the confines of a tight budget, the mainframe of the structure was utilized to its fullest, but cleaned up like a shiny new penny. This once grey garage is now a bright white space that looks like a piece of modern architecture, offering the capability to continually relocate furniture as the owners see fit.

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Delivering abstract overhead natural lighting there is no lack of sky views, and providing two large bathrooms behind a curved wall – one of which is drenched in blue tile, chrome and glass, this home is filled with surprising beauty.

Polished concrete floors can be found throughout the home, and simple mid-century furniture is strewn in an organized manner around the space also, while a marble kitchen sits regally to one side, making this once-sterile space into a delightful nook of endless delights.

In a world where anything seems possible in this day and age – turning a spacious garage into a contemporary home further proves the realization of this theory in full glory.

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Architects: Fala Atelier
Photography: fernando guerra (fg+sg)

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