nyc penthouse design 29th10 - 29th St. Penthouse: New York City Skyline

29th St. Penthouse: New York City Skyline


This award-winning NYC penthouse design is oozing with classic charm and finesse. It belongs to a European artist and collector, serving as a comfortable living space that shows the owner’s collection of art and furniture.

I’m not quite sure why, but the overall look and feel of this apartment reminds me of Hollywood’s classic black and white movies; maybe it’s the expanding superior views of the Empire State Building, the white satin lacquer walls and polished concrete floor, or the vintage pieces of furniture carefully scattered throughout this beautiful penthouse apartment.

Spaces are organized around the building’s core in a clockwise manner, from apartment entry to public rooms to private rooms, while large windows around the apartment’s perimeter connect it to the city.


A floating stair takes you up to the roof terrace, where unobstructed views of the urban skyline, an outdoor kitchen and a dining area await guests to enjoy a quiet night. Check out the tube-like lighting fixtures surrounding this outdoor space, aren’t they unique?




The penthouse entry opens into a new custom glass and steel terrace enclosure, featuring a cast in place concrete bench to lounge and take in the views of the Empire State Building.

All of the wood in the apartment is reclaimed from the fir beams of a demolished New York building, used in different cuts and textures, including the suspended closet boxes in the main hall clad in rough cut planks.



The long and colorful dining table in the kitchen is actually a custom fourteen foot French Racing Blue table, designed to recall the owner’s 1960’s Peugeot convertible.




The toned down bedroom and bathroom suite features large windows overlooking the city. I love the arrangement of the bathroom – simple and functional, yet contemporary and relaxing.


* More info at Rogers Marvel Architects


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