interior design fj house 7 - The FJ House: Modern Vibe, Quirky Spirit

The FJ House: Modern Vibe, Quirky Spirit


‘Woah’ is the word that escaped me when I stumbled upon this project. What struck me first was the lighting scheme. It’s very original, very modern and adds serious visual impact to the space. The rest of the images were so delightful that I had to share the project with you here.

Welcome to the FJ house in Sao Paolo designed by Guilherme Torres, known for his perfectionist approach, which you can definitely feel here. Everything feels deliberate. Everything is precise.

This 135 sq. meter apartment has a modern vibe and a quirky spirit. I’m tempted to describe it as minimal somehow, but its personality is anything but. The interior is full of pattens and textures, interesting shapes and color combinations. Mixing pastels and brights in the same space can be a daring move, but clearly not a problem for Guilherme Torres.


I think what keeps this space grounded and harmonious is the fact that the backdrop is a constant glory of grey. The slim rectangular recessed lighting (in walls and ceiling!) defines living spaces, highlights the interior structure, adds flow, and gives the space a lot of depth. It’s just so interesting to look at.



* More info at Guilherme Torres

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