modern interior design tree 9 - Nature and Architecture Become One

Nature and Architecture Become One


Paz Arquitectura built this house in Santa Rosalia, Guatemala, with the intention to merge architecture with nature – to impose a structure into a natural landscape with minimal disturbance to the environment.

They succeeded so well, that you will actually find massive trees growing through this home! When you are inside the home, the extensive use of glass makes you feel like you are living at one with the nature outside. Nature creeps into this home, visually and literally.

This beautiful house in the forest has captured my heart. It’s modern and streamlined, it has concrete and wood, metal and glass, and is filled with natural light. When can I move in? Of course, I appreciate many interior styles, but this modern, masculine type of interior architecture, where rawness and refinement live side by side, is by far my personal favorite. It makes a great base to build upon, a nice canvas to splash with personality.


The bathroom is perfect with its unmistakable spa/retreat vibe. Who would say no to that? You know what else is pretty perfect? The kitchen floors. I love the sharp contrast with the wood planks of the dining area. Very dramatic.



The main living area is especially impressive. It’s a sort of open plan with distinctive modules. The contrast between the raw exposed concrete, the vastness of the glass and the majestic tree trunks is really powerful. In this home, strength is expressed in all its forms.





Photo Credit: Andres Asturias

* More info at paz arquitectura

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