loft design box house 12 50x50 - Box House: The Beauty of Ballot Boxes

Box House: The Beauty of Ballot Boxes


I love to discover unique interior spaces that boast highly creative design solutions – especially when it involves reusing or recycling old materials. I mean, why not exercise our minds and be nice to our planet at the same time? I can’t think of anything more noble. The house featured here is an exemplary specimen of that idea.

When architect Alessandro Capellaro discovered this space in Florence, which used to be an old carpentry, he was inspired to create a residential loft space, incorporating 300 wooden ballot boxes found at a flea market. Yes. Old ballot boxes. The outcome is the Box House, and it’s totally superb.

Capellaro loves the idea of movement and modularity, and that’s exactly what he did with those ballot boxes. He created modular furniture and interior solutions that could be moved around easily to change the environment if desired. With those boxes he created shelves, tables, seating, and storage. I love how he incorporated a vintage orange storage piece into a larger unit made with the boxes. The whole unit separates the kitchen from the bedroom.


The entire space is really wonderful – thoughtfully put together, oozing style, yet in an unpretentious, natural way. The rustic, industrial integrity of the space was expertly preserved. The interior design mixes a bunch of styles making it dynamic and casual. In this home, an Ikea pendant lamp, recycled boxes and Robin Day chairs live together harmoniously – everyone is welcome.






* More info at b-arch

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