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Tiny Closet House: Making It Possible

Cosexto Architects have done something truly remarkable with the Closet House. Only 44 meters squared, this small Portuguese home is amazingly functional and super hi tech.

As you can imagine, space efficiency was of main importance for this project, along side energy efficiency. In order to achieve this, technology was a major player – the apartment is almost completely automated.

There is a dividing wall in the center of the apartment (between the bed/bath are and the living/kitchen area) that can be controlled to move to and fro, depending on which side of the apartment needs more space. The wall is made of wood and brings a warm, natural feel to the apartment. On the bedroom side, the wall also functions as a closet, while on the living side, it houses a retractable dining table, entertainment system and mini bar.



Apart from the wall, the temperature and lighting (natural and artificial) can also be controlled by the automation system. Interestingly, so are the cupboards in the kitchen. But instead of regular cupboard doors, the shelves come down out of the cabinet units to reveal the kitchenware. This is really clever, since it leaves the center space of the tiny kitchen free at all times.



In the bedroom, raising the bed on a platform allows for storage space underneath and around the bed. There’s even room for a retractable television in there.

This is such an inspiring space. It shows us how creative ideas and technology can work together to make the seemingly impossible, possible.









Photos by Amandio Neto

* More info at consexto

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