modern kitchen design vipp 22 50x50 - Vipp kitchen: free standing simplicity meets design and functional excellence

Vipp kitchen: free standing simplicity meets design and functional excellence


There where simplicity meets excellence in design, products and details, one may find Vipp’s kitchen furniture as great representation of the concept. Furniture might be lifeless but it is the individuals involved in their evolution that brings life to them, prior to being handed in to satisfied owners, enjoying their usage.

Solid materials, mechanics and function are all magnificently addressed in Vipp’s kitchens, which are designed as a product or even better stated, as a piece of furniture.

A range of kitchen modules is offered, where choices have already been made based on a thorough knowledge of materials combined with an aesthetic opinion on what constitutes good design, according to chief designer Morten Bo Jensen.

Vipp’s kitchcen concept is comprised of three types of modules: wall modules, tall modules and the free standing island. All three types of modules are available in different sizes, can be combined individually in regards to storage, cooking and washing, and may be free standing, needing no wall mounting, emphasizing the vision of mobility, while giving a floating expression, also achieved by the gap between the floor and the frame.


Tabs, drawer pulls and inserts, as much as a cooking hood and gas knobs are all developed in respect to Vipp’s design, keeping both functional and visual cohesiveness in the kitchen.

The company having more that 70 years of experience in the field of steel processing, choosing stainless steel for the kitchen modules was an evident choice of material. Sleek lines, aesthetic simplicity meeting design and functional excellence characterize this absolutely unique line of free standing kitchen furniture.



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