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The Asplund family


For the Asplund family that lives in Stockholm, Scandinavian design is something more than just a superb way of arranging their living environment. As owners of their own furniture store, named after their family, the Asplund store, they have incorporated in their home’s design many of the elements available in their store. Scandinavian design therefore is indeed for them a way of life, both in professional and personal spectrum. Characteristic cabinets, carpets, lights, chairs and carefully selected decoration and kitchen objects all are combined together to make up a very individual, inviting and functional space.

In the kitchen with direct exit to the patio, white storage furniture along the wall under the window is somehow boldly combined with a semi free standing island {one of its sides is attached to the wall} made from warmly toned wood. Perhaps unusual, yet so successfully managing to emphasize the space’s interior architecture.

The island is serving also as a divider between the area where food is prepared and the area where the family sits to enjoy it with its members or friends, the dining area. A dining area with lots of flair and a cozy feel thanks to the wall featuring colorful as much as black and white photographs, all grouped together in white framing. The gentle curves of the wooden “wishbone” chairs soften up the many straight lines and edges of the cabinets.



Throughout the living and private areas, floors from solid wood are providing a warm base for the many white furniture the family has chosen, much like the storage cabinets found all over, the sofa and side tables. Beautifully patterned rugs add visual interest and texture, while of course offering comfort. Stacked magazines and books provide a hint for the owners interests and art displayed as part of vignettes on the walls, too.

In the living room, next to the sofa and under the huge window bringing in tones of light, a gigantic floor lamp makes a statement standing like a modern statue of combined cylindrical masses. All in all, the Asplund’s home residence is a charming place where function and form play an important role.



Owners: the Asplund family
Location: Stockholm
Photography: Martin Lof
Coordination: Gill Renlund

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