small summer cabin cs1 - Artist's Building: Summer Cabin, Swedish Island

Artist’s Building: Summer Cabin, Swedish Island

As I write about this island cottage that is just a short boat ride from Stockholm, there are eight inches of snow on the ground outside my home. Designer Carouschka Streijffert’s summer cabin makes me feel a bit warmer with its unencumbered light and I can almost feel the balmy breezes off the water.

The classic gabled single story building provides enough height for a centrally located lounging sleeping loft, equipped, of course, with a hammock. Porthole windows at the gable end walls highlight the angular space and double windows swing in for more light and island winds.

Surrounded by wooden decks and just steps from the water’s edge, the cabin wisely wears more windows than walls. Inside the walls have a casual carefree personality as do all of the furnishings.



Tribal masks add color next to the dining table and chairs, whose finish faded long ago. I’d find it difficult choosing where to rest or read between the delightful nooks and sunny decks and fireside chairs.

Nothing is permanent here and each piece displays a character or reveals their history and origin. They’re all united by a comfort and grace that can only develop over time or through the hands of their creator.



Architects: Carouschka Streijffert
Photography: Martin Lof

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