lake cabin white interiors jjd21 - Whitewashed Cabin: grounded luxury and tranquil escapes by the lake

Whitewashed Cabin: grounded luxury and tranquil escapes by the lake

How about escaping with me today to a wooden retreat in Wisconsin? This white washed wooden cabin is one of Jessica Jubelirer’s most stunning renovation projects. Situated next to a lake and surrounded by mature gardens and trees, the view of this cabin is breathtaking while totally tranquilizing at the same time.

The newly white washed wooden interior walls and ceilings are reflecting the light that strolls in, making the space appear even larger and definitely very airy, fresh and light. I particularly like the decision to paint the wooden logs with this mannerism, as texture and interest is added, not depriving at all of the rustic feeling that a wooden cabin usually brings.


Another mention worthy architectural feature is the large fireplace in the living room, covered in natural, oval shaped stones. I also love the choice of color for the staircase and the plethora of unified square frames added to the wall. Their seemingly random placing combined with the scenes from nature caught in varied seasons brings interest, while keeping the feeling relaxed.



Another detail not to be passed unnoticed in the cluster of “bare” pendant lights hanging from the ceiling above the dining area, all different from one another and simultaneously positioned in various heights. I absolutely love it, let aside the huge ceramic bowl carrying the pears and the beautifully displayed collections of colorful and white porcelain.



Everything seem to have a large effect in this place, yet it manages to remain basic, grounded and relaxing at the same time. It takes a lot of skill to create interiors that speak of a luxurious life without “shouting” or loosing the substance and essence of life.


The storage solutions, the bedroom, entrance, kitchen, and bathroom design, with its very unique elephant print wallpaper – everything is chosen and planned with lots of care and love and respect for this house, if I may say so.





Designers: Jessica Jubelirer Design

Photography: Werner Straube.

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