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House Hornemann: White is the color of the day

This striking home located in Dusseldorf, Germany was designed by award winning Architect, Thomas Kröger. The home is a perfect example of how deceptively simple an exterior of a home can look, and the wonderful surprise that unfolds when you come inside. With its slim white exterior and its sleek white interior, the clean lines, sculptural forms and mid-century furniture create a feeling of sumptuous ease.

Situated on one floor, this house unfolds like an origami puzzle. The main living areas are surrounded by an elegantly austere courtyard visible from the interior rooms of the home, thanks to the abundant supply of large windows. Natural light and fresh air pours through the windows when weather allows for such extravagances. It was the architect’s vision to keep the relationship with nature at the center of this home.



White is the color of the day in this home. To keep it from appearing sterile, the secret is in the fine details. The space seems to activate itself with different tones of white washed walls, wood, soft furnishings and eclectic artwork that adorn the walls.




Throughout this house there is a continuity of shape, form and confident ease that can be attributed to both the Architect and client’s connection to this home and the singular design goal, to soften the building’s rigid structure while retaining the charm of a minimalist silhouette.








Architects: Thomas Kröger Architekt
Photos: Thomas Kröger Architekt

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