porcelain tile design crgrs 800x600 - Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Say goodbye to boring floors and hello to Ceragres Mix and Match personality filled tile. This extruded Italian porcelain with an artisanal feel will enliven any floor. Frankly, I would cover an entire room with it. And herringbone adds interest and pattern to any space.

The tile proportions are elegant at six by eighteen inches. Keep an open mind when choosing colors, as the possibilities are virtually unlimited with eleven tempting shades and patterns. Solid black, white, and grey combine for a subtle scheme that supports ever changing decor. Within singular color classifications, such as Acqua, you’ll discover five distinct watery hues. Terre speaks of Italian clay, sunsets, and fields of sun flowers. Lipstick gives you whispers of coral pink, Hollywood carmine, and French rose.


Mix and Match Decori adds geometric graphics applied in black to the four color groups. The five patterns are hand sketched and add a playful charm. Two stylized leafy stalk patterns, one delicate and one bold, connect to nature. Randomly weighted hand drawn horizontal lines squiggle across the narrow tile width. A heavy black grid reveals imperfect squares of the tile color within. The diagonally placed grid is like a doodle directly out of a notebook. Mix and Match is best used in honor of its name…in a nonchalant personal blend of its artistic colors and patterns.



Photography courtesy of Céragrès

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