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Small Size Premium Spa

As the world’s population increases, Michael Winner of Sieger Design recognized the importance of a spa retreat that is large in function and small in size. The SSPS (Small Size Premium Spa) is just over 6 sq.m. in plan and rains luxury on you from head to toe.

The compact bath is divided in to wet and dry zones. A clear glass wall makes the separation functional without compromising the generous feel of the room. It’s time to say goodbye to the old bathtub! This showering space is a luxury of vertical and horizontal bathing. A water bar, six outlets, provides the water quantity, temperature, and strength you desire over the heated lying surface. They are controlled by a panel at the head of the shower bed to switch easily between pre-programmed showers that balance, energize, or de-stress.

Two wash basins recess in to the marble vanity. Stream lined faucets pull out for hair washing or remain low profile for unobstructed use and friendly sharing of the space. Macassar wood storage units float below the vanity and open with a gentle push.

Gone are the days of a vanity wall sconce. The SSPS is discreetly illuminated with recessed vertical and horizontal LED strips. A panel in the mirror allows you to control every scenario with a touch of your finger. Oh, and the floor is heated too!

Design: Sieger Design
Photography courtesy of Sieger Design

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