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Sviezia Kava Coffee Shop

Coffee shop culture has quickly become a booming industry in our current milenium. From self-employed seat warmers frequenting their local coffee house, to gatherings of both the young and old alike, these bean-roasting, bevy serving, caffeine riddled coffee shops are buzzing with activity open to close. Šviežia Kava Coffee Shop is no exception to such activities. Designed by Giedraitis & Architects, it was adapted to its location on Vokieciy Street in Lithuania, one of the busiest streets in Vilnius old town, and is the go-to location to fill your travel mug with a local roast, or mingle with locals sipping on far-reaching favorites.

The industrial interior of this space and the colors that were chosen within, beautifully reflect the rhythm of the city outside. Simple Edison style lights, along with a concrete main wall in which a row of tables, benches, and a leather couch sit, blends nicely with the center piece; a multi-colored large square wood coffee bar. A bar that is cleanly lined with bags of coffee beans, offering a corner glass unit where pastries and coffee accompaniments sit in waiting for any lucky patron.




However, the clearly stated style is not all that is offered here. Any version of a “perfect coffee blend” can definitely be found at the Šviežia Kava Coffee Shop, just as equally as the perfect blend of aged metal, fragrant leather, and natural wooden elements can be found …all coming together for a comfortable space in which to sip your coffee, or an inspired one from which to concoct your latest blog.

If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by, grab a coffee, and enjoy the comforts of an old classic with a modern twist!




Architects: Giedraitis & Architects
Photography: HuracanCoffee

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