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Harrison Ave Apartment

The Harrison Ave Apartment is an elongated space oozing beautifully of fundamental contemporary design, and brings simplistic sophistication to an everyday city dwelling.
Easily positioning itself as Boston charmer, this apartment is called home to a family of 4 and their 2 additional furry family members. And although that might seem like a lot of bodies to fit into a highrise, the clean lines and minimalistic furniture allow for easy movement throughout.

Whether this family finds themselves baking cookies in the floor to ceiling white-washed kitchen, or comfortably sitting around the black dining room table, atop black chairs, set against an ebony accent wall, the contrast to comfort ratio seems to be oddly inspiring.




Bold pieces can be found throughout the home, creating a sense of personality with no need for words. From the large orange canvas hanging above the variety of green shades found within the fabric of the couch, to the psychedelic felt patterned wall within the baby room, a lot has been done with very little.

In a city known for marathons, this apartment is running over with both simplistic poise and brazen attitude. Truly worthy of much more than a participation ribbon, this compact family home gets first place for rampant personality and dueling design!





Architects: over,under
Photography: Bob O’Connor


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