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Flexible Space by IKEA

Sliding walls are popping up in all kinds of dwellings, providing privacy and flexibility to any given space in any given room. Suddenly a tiny city apartment, which doesn’t offer an official bedroom, can become a 1-bedroom space with these pretty partitions by Ikea. Not only does this mean convenience and privacy for those who live there, but also an increase in value to a home if it could be listed on the real estate market as a 1-bedroom condo.

Long hailed as the Swedish furniture frontrunner for college students, bachelors, just-starting-out couples, and the general public alike …those looking for affordable home décor and furniture options looked to Ikea for a wide variety of price-friendly options. This furniture mogul continues to take their design ideas and create solutions for their buying public, and branching out into new products such as these.

Although this item will not be available for a few more years, the testing and perfecting of it plays a large part in offering Ikea’s customers a product that can truly work for a variety of spaces in a safe manner, while looking good too. So although it’s a far-off solution for renters and homeowners alike, in terms of when it will be available, it is nice to know this is an item that will soon be on the market, turning tiny spaces into cozy homes!

Designers: IKEA
Photography: Erik Undéhn/Ikea

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5 thoughts on “Flexible Space by IKEA

  1. Leslie W

    This is an amazing solution which I need right now in my condo in Cleveland, OH. I would love to test a prototype in my home right now! Please let me know when this is available in the USA.


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