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Kki Sweets and The Little Drom Store

Never before has such a simple space looked so divine, as is the case of Kki Sweets and the Little Drom Store in Singapore. Having won the Retail Category from the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors in 2015, this winner is in the business of selling handcrafted Japanese-slash-French cakes within their Kki Sweets eatery …and not to be outdone, their adjacent location – The Little Drom Store – delivers art and designs worth ogling.

These two brands seamlessly share a storefront, while still delivering distinctive uniqueness and appearing unified throughout.Housed within the well-known SOTA building known for creating sublime sophistication with simplistic ease, it was important that this location embodied a shared vision.


With simple maple veneer plywood shelving and seating utilized as a baseline throughout both brands, with a hint of solid pine strips for the trellis, this simplistic approach hasn’t taken away whatsoever from the upper echelon dining experience, nor the shopping destination these two locations encapsulate.

Acting as a blank canvas, it is really left to interpretation what one feels of this space, and it is the food and ‘for sale’ items that actually offer the backsplash of color that sets the tone, while the dimension the building create it’s own whimsical delight, brings this entire concept together beautifully. Simple wins. Every time!




Photography: Edward Hendricks, CI&A Photography

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