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Southbank Centre Archive Studio

Southbank Centre Archive Studio is a beautiful restoration project set inside London’s Grade I, and is listed as one of the Royal Festival Halls. Created by Jonathan Tuckey Design, this structure is set against endless windows, open concepts, and airy energy. This space is a centre in which to explore, entertain, and catalogue collections in an environment inspiring enough to infiltrate any dullard. While the freestanding nature of this structure allows for visitors to witness the archival process, and appreciate the unique and tedious nature of such endeavors.

The space is held beautifully together by polished brass nuts and bolts and encased in perforated hardboard. But despite its light framework, the Southbank Centre Archive Studio host events and exhibitions, offering a unique environment that delivers historical energy, while harnessing a fresh take on modern transparency.


Jonathan Tuckey is quoted about this project, saying:

“We are using what are in effect very standardized elements in an imaginative way to create a room that we hope feels special and memorable.”; “We also like the fact that the Southbank Archive Studio design offered a solution that was built in only three weeks making it an attractive option for archivists, librarians and curators looking to work with their collections with greater ease or, if need be, in a more responsive way.”



In a city known for it’s heavily steeped traditions and untouched ways of life, this piece of revisited architecture is a great example of how structure can still be maintained despite a fresh approach!



Architects: Jonathan Tuckey Design
Photography: Dirk Lindner

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