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North Coogee House

Collected Interiors definitely collected upon design genius when it came to North Coogee House. With richly polished mahogany flooring throughout the main level, and a spacious open concept feel throughout, this contemporary family home is a joint effort of breezy and elegant.

Boasting of a large patio that opens up with doors that literally disappear into the wall off the living room, this outdoor space adds an extension to the indoor living – offering that breezy feel we mentioned. While the dining table sits atop a multi-colored, checkered pattern wood base, next to a chalkboard wall piece, with the heavy wood table surrounded by white metal chairs.



The upper floor offers tightly woven tweed carpeting, and the rich grey paint in the master bedroom delivers a striking contrast against the white bedding and ornate oversized wall mirror. Chunky wooden furnishings give the room depth, and somehow it all comes together for that aforementioned “elegant” effort.



Touching on the oversized patio just one more time – because it truly is worth a second mention; this outdoor living room is furnished with eclectic wire couches, along with an oversized tweed carpet and a robust wooden table acting as an anchor, which sits center stage.

Who knew breezy and elegant could combine so beautifully? Clearly Collected Interiors did!



Design: Lisa Ewart / Collected Interiors
Photography courtesy of Lisa Ewart

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