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A Traveler’s Home

A visual walk-through of “A Traveler’s Home” feels like a journey of muted colors, vibrant textures and handpicked furnishings. The wood flooring boasts of a variety of wood grains and colors, with odd directional layouts, offering a whimsical feel conducive to a nomad’s nature.

The woven basket light fixture in the dining room gives of a dimly lit air of simple elegance, and the burlap throw-pillows in the living room are consistent with the nonchalant nuance of this home. While the kitchen delivers clean lines, metal shelving and a wine cooler for the perfect glass of vino after a long day.





The bedroom is beautifully illuminated by an elongated window, and simple wire-framed storage shelving lines the walls, which are a muffled grey, along with a bed blanket of the same shade – appearing soft enough to allow any weary traveler dreams of grand adventures.

The bathroom breathes an air of stealthy simplicity with grey walls and clean fixtures, and a half glassed in shower and grey tiled tub give an opportunity to soak away sore feat and tired bones.

A Traveler’s Home is one in which you really wouldn’t want to leave the comforts of, yet is oddly inspiring at the same time. Enjoyable from start to finish!




Interior Design & Styling: Annabell Kutucu In collaboration with Michael Schickinger
Photography: Claus Brechenmacher

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