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Woodieful Chair

The Woodieful Chair is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that also appears as a visual work of art. This beautifully designed adaptation of a solitary bench was designed by Klavdiji Jarc with the ideology that wood is a natural expression of timeless elegance, and when manipulated with a vision – does not need to perish in vain.

Designed for visual pleasure as well as to simplify life, the Woodieful Chair delivers small spaces a seating option that doesn’t forego style or ease. It also offers a multitude of functions as you flip it around and play with the functionality of its form, turning it into a table, a stool, a nightstand …or a myriad of other creative concoctions as each person sees fit.


It’s primary square shape is softened by rounded edges, and offers a lineup of slotted compartments for books, records, or other such item easily stored within it’s wooden slats.

Constructed from high-quality beech wood, the original idea was to allow nature to speak for itself, and deliver a sense of sexy sustainability to homes worldwide. An idea that has taken full form and inspired stool “sitters” everywhere.


Design: Woodieful
Photography: Nejc Pus

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