gaming workstation x3 1000x1000 - The X series

The X series

Welcome to “The X Series”, a workstation steeped in science fiction and staged for online gaming and wonder-workings. Designed by Svyatoslav Zbroy in order to combine technology, functionality and comfort, the X Series has reworked the wheel – so to speak.

Although desks have been a staple item for offices since offices became a thing, not much has changed in their design. Which is where this setup defies the norm and becomes the quintessential standalone office.

Together, this chair / desk dual system provides ergonomic comfort wrapped in unparalleled analog design. With the ability to change the height of the desk, alter the angle of the table and choose the configuration of the equipment layout, this dynamic duty-zone creates the appeal of less duty and more zoning into your task at hand.

Using technology which both combat and cargo equipment employs, The X Series is tactile, allowing its owner to fine-tune their equipment as they see fit, making this setup unique and personalized simultaneously, and I dare say …work just got a whole lot easier!

reclining workstation x3 - The X series

chair workstation x3 - The X series

Design: Svyatoslav Zbroy / ODESD2
Photography courtesy of ODESD2

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