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Southwood London Townhouse

London, UK is known for it’s impeccable fashion and illustrious landscapes, and LLI Design has beautifully added to the bouquet of London-centric structures with this Southwood home located in the highly sought after Highgate district.

This 4-story circa 1970s townhouse recently and rightfully won the “Best Interior Design Private Residence London” via the 2016 UK Property Awards – and the images of this remodel display why.

Upon the request of the young professional owners, the 70s aura of the space was maintained, while bringing in a variety of modern yet homey elements to the space.
The glass and steel open tread staircase sets the tone, leading to the master bedroom on the second floor where you will find an open-concept bathroom with an aqua-drenched backsplash, as well as an open landing area overlooking a lush London green-scape.




The TV room is a beautifully redesigned nook with heated Mutina tile floors in a slate-khaki color, and a rugged light Paris-grey brick accent wall – maintaining some of the original structure while enhancing the industrial layout.

A bright yellow sitting chair and distressed metal sideboard fill the TV room nicely also, while subdued beige, yellow and calming blue colors in the sitting area and dining room on the upper ground floor balances out the modern appeal of this home.

This soft balance is also carried out into the kitchen with it’s khaki color scheme, and a spark of bronze tiles act as the backsplash for just enough pizzazz to make it pop.
A London gem that truly shows off nicely without making a spectacle whatsoever!





Interior Design: LLI Design
Photography: Alex Maguire

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