open space apartment csm 800x1200 - XSBK Flat


We don’t know that we have ever seen a “nearly” full-scale library offering a rooftop terrace before, but the XSBK Flat by Cadaval & Sola Morales offers exactly that! Set in Mexico City this home delivers a wall comprised entirely of books. Truly any reader’s paradise, the space looks comfortably modern while delivering grey slate tile flooring, floor to ceiling windows, and enough charm to even make Romeo blush.

With both a rooftop patio as well as a terrace cascading out front of the main living area, XSBK Flat is not short on outdoor space, and the black framed picture windows encase this space nicely.

In addition, the white walls set against grey furniture and two suspended black stairwells provide a regal feel, while the log plank table brings back a natural element of sophistication.



This two-tiered home is truly a delicious delight, and if the walls could speak – well, these well-read walls would likely go on forever.





Architects: Cadaval & Sola Morales
Photography: Alberto Kritzler, Miguel de Guzmán

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