The Super Quality Indian Snack Bar

Inspired by the sleeper trains of India, The Super Quality Indian Snack Bar is a well-arranged sea of weathered wood in a hue of blue, creating texture and offering depth to the contrasting lighter blue walls.

Tin-can style lights hang playfully yet fashionably overhead in the dining area, and light turquoise chairs line the dark wooden tables, while white tile flooring etched with a charcoal design sets the stage for this delightful Indian snack bar designed by Dave Dworkind.

Steel and yellow accents meld together to finish off this soul train of color and style, with a street food cart set within the bar – creating a kitschy pay station while stylishly keeping up with the theme. Likewise, the shelving rack hovering above the counter is suspended by chains, maintaining the sleeper car theme throughout.

Old-school fans, hand painted Indian signs and a green neon “a-okay” type hand sign – which also acts as the restaurants logo- shines brightly for all who pass by to take notice. Just as brightly as the success this very cool restaurant is bound to have, if it isn’t already bursting at the seams with Bollywood’esque success!

Architects: Dave Dworkind
Photography: David Dworkind

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