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Vivid Color

It is quite possible you may not find an apartment more shapely and colorful than Vivid Color. Situated in the Downtown core of Taipei City, this 76 sq.m home was fabulously designed by Waterfrom Design, and greatly inspired by the paper patterns used by fashion designers, quickly recognizable by the silhouettes implemented throughout the home.

Subtle silhouettes such as the opaque glass used within an adjoining bathroom wall, or found in the blue shelving unit – that also acts as a partition – amidst this soft living space; all coming together as a reflection of the French-educated home owner, who is also a fashion designer.

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Foldaway partitions, circular ceiling cutouts with unevenly hung pendant lamps, mismatched chairs and an eclectic table supported by a bicycle tire – inspired by an antique sewing machine wheel – all come together to form obscurely idyllic symmetry.

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Translucent fabrics and textures are also used within this space, combining glossy glass and metallic mesh within the bookcase, which proudly displays fashion books, aligned with the passion of the owner.

The blue living room and the gold kitchen bring this home alive in geometric wonders and a collage of color, while the bright citrus orange study leaves a lasting impression of how fashion can truly be a work of art.

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Design: Waterfrom Design
Photography: Kuomin Lee

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