1920’s Portland Home Kitchen Renovation

Neely House

The simple elegance of Neely House, by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, is truly breathtaking, delivering a timeless appeal without foregoing any unique elements that offer stand-alone beauty.

Built in the 1920’s, this home has embraced elements reminiscent of that time, including brass. This warmth-giving element can be found in the lighting fixtures throughout the home, and is also seen in the kitchen cupboard knobs, bathroom sink and tub hardware, and fitted within the office; making the consistent use of brass a notable feature.

historic wooden staircase design

Country living room design

Historic dining room design

In contrast to this heavy metal, a pure white base shade organically consumes the home, keeping it fresh and airy. This clean appeal is balanced by dark black steel-sash windows, heavy iron spindles lining the stairway, rich wood flooring, and the use of brick – seen outdoors within the patio fireplace that is offset from the kitchen.

Historic kitchen design

Country kitchen design

The attic has been beautifully refinished as an office, offering window bench seating and a custom inset desk, and the bedrooms have been kept a soft shade of blues and greens, furnished with equally muted tones. Neely House is a true gem, and effortlessly shines bright like a diamond.

Luxury country style bedroom design

Historic bathroom design

Country style guest toilet design

Reading are armchair near fireplace

Mezzanine work desk

Country style kids bedroom design

Kids bunk bedroom design

Outdoor brick fireplace design

Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Photography: Jeremy Bittermann

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