Beautiful Modern Stone House In The AU Bush

North Warrandyte

Welcome to the bold style of North Warrandyte; largely contemporary in nature, but with just enough tradition to make an early evening dinner with the Grandparents a welcoming experience.

Set in North Warrandyte and overlooking the Yarra River, this home, by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture, is cushioned amidst lush greenery and is truly a quiet oasis for residents and visitors alike.

Arranged in order to optimize the view and implement solar power, this space comes complete with as much outdoor greenery as it does a “green living” lifestyle. All this without lacking on any luxuries, as each corner you round is as rich in design elements as the next.

Modern stone house balcony

Modern stone house living room design

Areas such as the glass-encased dining area with oversized slide-away walls, delivering natural light from top to bottom, and regally raised above the living room area.

Modern stone house kitchen design

Modern stone house dining area

Modern stone house bathroom design

As well, a double-sided fireplace graces both the dining and living room spaces, with rock retaining walls creating a bold statement throughout various areas inside and outside the home.

Modern stone house double sided fireplace

Texturized by rich timber tones found in the walls and flooring, amidst ebony metal beams and windowsills, with simple mid-century style furnishings, the overall feel of this home is clean and modern with an breathable relaxed atmosphere, offering a total breath of fresh air.

Modern stone house terrace design

Modern stone house design

Architects: Alexandra Buchanan Architecture
Photography: Debra McFadzean

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