interior design panoramic view wd 1000x563 - Fluid Mirror Apartment

Fluid Mirror Apartment

Keeping in rhythm with the soft flow of water, this beautiful apartment by Waterfrom Design delivers fluid movement within the interiors, while maintaining it through the curves in the walls and the gentle sloping nature of the ceiling.

Natural tones and soft lines within the furnishings also allow this apartment to flow from room to room, maintaining a minimalist approach throughout, with decorative materials such as bamboo, stone and wood implemented within the home.

interior design living room wd - Fluid Mirror Apartment

interior design kitchen wd - Fluid Mirror Apartment

The main living space is surrounded by a semi-circle of windows, providing a view of the cityscape and waterfront of Taipei, Taiwan. Meanwhile, geometric shapes in the living room shelving and partition wall make the space come alive, and a red entranceway door and a multi-colored partition wall within the office do the same.

interior design study wd - Fluid Mirror Apartment

interior design study storage wd - Fluid Mirror Apartment

flowing interior design nook wd - Fluid Mirror Apartment

The ever flowing interior design of this apartment delivers a soft calm and creates a tranquil relaxing place for the owner; a welcome reality within a bustling city environment known for it’s non-stop nature.

interior design curved walls wd - Fluid Mirror Apartment

interior design curved walls wd2 - Fluid Mirror Apartment

Architects: Waterfrom Design
Photography: Kuomin Lee

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One thought on “Fluid Mirror Apartment

  1. Mary

    What a stunning apartment. The warm glow, fluid design and natural colours and textures give it such a tranquil vibe. The view, too, is stunning. It offers much or inspiration!


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