luxury home living room design 1000x625 - Valles House

Valles House

Welcome to Valles House – an elegant display of various shades and grains of wood, copper lights and ambiance galore. Located in the Maresme Mountains of Barcelona, Spain, this idyllic location is wrapped in breathtaking views of nature, and brings much of the pine and holm oak forests inside within its decor.

Created as a family holiday home, it delivers quiet comfort while portraying a contemporary pizzazz conducive with entertaining guests. The open concept is set around the view, where it is at its fullest within the living room, looking out upon the pool and mountainside with seamless floor to ceiling windows and low, light colored furnishings.

luxury home open plan design - Valles House

luxury holiday home design ylab - Valles House

The dining table and hutch is set in regal ebony wood paneling, with the aforementioned copper lights illuminating the space in an array of various sizes and lengths. And the kitchen mirrors this dark rich wood color, accented beautifully with walnut siding also.

luxury home dining table design - Valles House

luxury home dining room design - Valles House

luxury home black kitchen island - Valles House

luxury home black kitchen design - Valles House

Other accents, such as the dual green basin sinks, glass railing staircase, inset living room fireplace, brightly furnished playroom, along with the relaxing patio and pool area, all offer a wow factor and oasis amidst this truly stunning home away from home.

luxury home master bedroom fireplace - Valles House

luxury home master bedroom design - Valles House

luxury home master bedroom sink - Valles House

luxury home fireplace design - Valles House

luxury home playroom design - Valles House

home kids bathroom design - Valles House

luxury home inner courtyard design - Valles House

Architects: YLAB Arquitectos
Photography: Eugeni Pons

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