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GOM House

Colors and patterns and textures – oh my! …is just one of many ways to describe this beautiful house in Montpellier, France.

Designed by (ma!ca) architecture, this 90’s villa makes an entrance with a 15-meter long hallway; and this same elongated feel is reflected throughout the home. One of these elongated paths leads to the kitchen, fueled by a heavily patterned green wall and a green-framed glass partition that the main kitchen counter sits against.

modern open kitchen design - GOM House

modern kitchen courtyard design - GOM House

modern villa dining design - GOM House

The living room also acts as an office space, and opens up onto the grassy grounds, while the interior living room wall is partially covered in a vine-line green mesh. All set on rich honey hardwood floors, the main living area is warm and inviting, with a pile of pebble like pillows set to one side of the coffee table.

modern villa living room design - GOM House

Spacious within its 1800 square feet, and located in Castelnau-le-Les, in the South of France, ma!ca architecture did a bang up job of turning this red facade into a rich living environment. Tearing down walls to bring natural light into the home, cutting out a cubby that act as a low-hung window and outdoor sitting area, along with adding colorful partitions to this space.

Even the bathroom is a sight to behold, with its slate floors and white walls, set with a rounded-edge tub that basks in this fresh-faced wonderland. Which is the essence of this home; a fresh-faced wonderland where the family of 5 can simultaneously relax and be inspired by the many colors, patterns and textures throughout.

modern villa bathroom design - GOM House

modern villa exterior design maca - GOM House

modern villa outdoor design maca - GOM House

modern villa low window - GOM House

modern villa yard design - GOM House

Architects: (ma!ca) architecture
Photography: Julien Kerdraon

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