glass ping pong table ad3 800x400 - Lungolinea Ping Pong Table

Lungolinea Ping Pong Table

If you are looking for a real show stopper, look no further than the Lungolinea Ping Pong Table. The Lungolinea redefines the age-old game of Ping Pong since it is made entirely of glass and players can enjoy a game on a transparent surface! Continue reading

cork dining ayers 800x800 - Ayers Cork

Ayers Cork

I’m obsessed with every quality of natural cork. Its malleability, texture, softness, history, and sustainability make it very desirable. Add to that its luxurious feel, durability, and natural ability to resist mold and fire and sustain ancient cork forests and the workers that maintain them, and I dare you not to covet cork. In every form from flooring to counters, its benefits have been proven as timeless, practical, and beautiful. Yet Albertina Oliveira has elevated cork to a previously unattained height. Continue reading

led light qoowl 800x800 - Per Meter 01

Per Meter 01

The Per Meter 01 invites you to have fun with lighting fixtures in your home. As the name suggests, the Per Meter 01 consists of a meter long LED light. The LED is placed in a very lightweight Asian cedar frame which attaches to a wall using a magnet. Depending on the size of the room you are designing, you can connect up to 4 Per Meter 01 units to a single power plug. This is where the fun begins- you can line the lights up in a neat fashion or create an abstract shape. The choices are endless. If you prefer a pendant lamp, the Per Meter 01 can also be adjusted to hang from the ceiling. Continue reading

knit stools cab - Knitted Stools

Knitted Stools

I simply love the knitted stools by designer Claire-Anne O’Brien. Crafted from sculpted wool, their appeal is truly timeless as they combine the ancient craft of knitting with functional pieces of furniture. The stools are available in a variety of shapes, heights and colors and are the perfect solution if you want to add a splash of color and texture to your living room. Continue reading

papertrophy 800x753 - Papertrophy


It is quite safe to say that the charm of real animal mounts has thankfully worn off. However, when the mounts are made from paper, they have an almost magical appeal. Berlin-based designer Dr. Holger Hoffmann has created a series of colorful wall mounts and free-standing statues made from environmentally friendly paper. The figures have a minimalist cubist design which gives them a chic modern look. Aside from their appealing style, Papertrophy invites you to be part of the production and to assemble the figures. Continue reading

biblioteca wallpaper nlxl5 800x1073 - Biblioteca Wallpaper

Biblioteca Wallpaper

Art aficionados and book lovers unite! Artist Ekaterina Panikanova’s creations on books bring the history and lives of their readers in to your home. The accomplished fine artist continues their story by embracing the volumes’ wear and tear. Book owners’ personalities are revealed in their notes, underlines, and dog-eared pages. It is here that she begins her paintings on the books perhaps illustrating the reader, the story, or her personal interpretation. Continue reading

trestle desk storage pbt - Customize-It Project Trestle Desk

Customize-It Project Trestle Desk

It is easy to fall in love with a great desk. The kind of desk that gives you enough space to work on, organize your papers and store your stuff. The Customize-It Project Trestle Desk does all this and more. Best of all, the desk looks great. It has a modern yet warm feel to it and is available in Simply White or Rich Tuscan stain (dark wood). Continue reading

desk lamp storage nl 800x1028 - Buddy Lamp

Buddy Lamp

Buddy is a designer table lamp which won the Northern Lighting Student Award for 2015. This lamp was chosen because it has an original design with a strong concept and characteristic form which challenges the existing lighting design standards, shapes and functions. Unlike typical lamps, Buddy has an attached storage unit that is ideal for keeping pencils and pens and small office supplies. I love how the shape of the storage unit mimics the form of the lamp shade. It’s these little details that make the design complete. Continue reading

stacked shelf system muuto 800x1127 - Stacked Shelf System

Stacked Shelf System

The Stacked Shelf System offers the perfect solution for those who want versatile, stylish and modern shelving. This shelf system, designed by JDS Architects for Muuto, is made up of various sized blocks which are joined using clips. The exciting part about it is that it provides you with endless options of size and layouts. You can play around with the spaces between the shapes as well as with their height. The units are easy to put together so you can continuously refresh their look. Continue reading

marimekko 800x543 - Marimekko Spring 2015 Lookbook

Marimekko Spring 2015 Lookbook

It is remarkable what one company has brought in to our homes since the late 1940s. Even more admirable is how Marimekko is still leading the way with the freshest, boldest, and timeless designs. In their Spring 2015 Mindscapes Home collection, once again nature is the inspiration. Their new textile designs bring the freedom of the sea inside our homes, giving us a daily escape and dose of refreshing, inspiring, vibrant, and soothing natural colors. Continue reading