Small Studio Apartment Design

FG75 Studios

FG75 Studios has beautifully taken structural basics and turned this once simplistic skeleton into a multi-level studio work of art. Located in Porto, Portugal, this late-19th century old building was a rehabilitation project intended to breathe new life into a fairly lifeless living arena, and create six, small studio apartments. Continue reading

Spacious 4 Level Back Deck Patio Design

Terrasse VF

Night or day, Terrasse VF is a multi-functional space for all forms of activities; whether lounging, dining, meditating or entertaining, this spacious, 4 level back deck patio design provides all measures of merriment to the 1887 heritage home it is attached to within Montreal, Canada. Continue reading

Off The Grid Wooden Prefab Cabin

Gapahuk Cabin

Cowboy take me away …to Gapahuk Cabin! Expertly designed by Norway’s leading architecture firms Snøhetta, this space offers a modern twist on a traditional hideaway. This wooden prefab cabin is capable of all the elements, from sun to snow and anything in-between, in addition to offering off-the-grid environmentally friendly aspects, making this the ideal flexible, aesthetically appealing space. Continue reading

modern lake cottage dining design fxs 1000x667 - Nordic Architecture and Sleek Interior Design

Nordic Architecture and Sleek Interior Design

Situated in Montreal, Canada, this modern, Nordic-inspired lake cottage have taken the owners of this dwelling from their city home, and placed them into this epic cottage hideaway they now call home. Continue reading

Narrow Lot Family Home With Modern Interiors

Maison Lagarde

Welcome to the simple pleasures of Maison Lagarde, a small 4-level family home set on a narrow lot in Montreal, Canada, which opens up floor-upon-floor to modern living and an excellent use of limited square footage. Continue reading

Industrial Interior Design For Georgian Terrace House

Perf House

Located in Belgravia, this Georgian style 5-story home has become a vision of well-lit transparency, texture, tranquility and artistic allure. Whether living in it or looking upon it, Perf House is – well, seemingly perfect! Continue reading

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Miniki Slimline

Welcome to the wonder-workings of Miniki Slimline, a small kitchen that was elegantly designed to disappear into a sleek piece of furniture. Offering a new twist to an old issue, this modular kitchen unit provides space saving solutions for small apartments that still require all the features of a regular home, but in bite-sized style. Continue reading

Old Hunting Lodge Transformed Into A Modern Cabin

Topanga Home

Welcome home to the shabby chic work of art known as the Topanga Home. A 1927 original hunting lodge that has been transformed into a simplistic beauty, all without forgoing any of it’s original features. Continue reading

Bathroom Mirror Design by Samuel Wilkinson

Float & Gravity

Float & Gravity is a beautifully crafted, collaborative effort between Samuel Wilkinson and the Italian bathroom brand EX.T. – who both came together to deliver an inspired mirror duo combining space, gravity and impeccable style. Continue reading

Penthouse Apartment Design by Ofist

White House

If impeccable details, clean lines and consistent shades are your thing – White House by Ofist is a place you would adore calling home. Nestled in a bustling neighborhood of Istanbul, this delightful space is actually an apartment that sits on the top floor of a century old historical building that has been beautifully brought back to life. Continue reading