small apartment scandi design int2 1000x562 - Tiny Scandinavian inspired Interiors

Tiny Scandinavian inspired Interiors

Nestled in the city of Saint-Petersburg, this tiny, Scandinavian-inspired apartment design by INT2 Architecture is cute, bright and filled with personality – without being at all overwhelming. Continue reading

Modern Row House Skylight design

Richmond Row House

Welcome to Richmond, Virginia, a city rich in American history and variable urban style, which is exactly what this modern row house offers – heaps of character and forward-thinking style. Continue reading

historic guesthouse renovation


The spine-tingling beauty of this rustic restoration project by studio ORA is enough to inspire even the greatest of interior designers. Plus, it offers a historic stay in a structure built in the 16th century located in a picturesque Jewish quarter in the historical center of Mikulov, Czech Republic. Inspiration and history combined! Continue reading

twisting inner courtyard home design

Twisting Courtyard

Located in the vast metropolis of Beijing, this amazing courtyard home is beautifully designed by Archstudio, to offer a flow to a public space within the inner city. Continue reading

Victorian terrace house garden design

Albert Park House

Albert Park House is filled with gems-o-plenty, and I’m not sure where to start unveiling them… Set in Melbourne, Australia, this beautiful Victorian terrace house is surrounded by a white picket fence and lush foliage, set against traditional brick siding and black exterior. Continue reading

coastal home wood glass room divider

Clovelly Residence

Sitting within 700m2 of space, Clovelly Residence is a house anyone would adore calling home, offering a fresh whimsical feel amidst its traditional 1950s frame in suburban Sydney, AU. Continue reading

modern penthouse kitchen design

CDR Penthouse

Once a cluttered display of un-harmonized chaos, this family penthouse apartment has been transformed into an organized haven of visual wonders! Located in Italy, within the historic district of Cesena, Tisselli Studio Architetti took this outdated, poorly used penthouse, and made it into a modern space with added room to roam courtesy of the removal of many partition walls. Continue reading

Danish design company Menu

Menu Space Showroom

Welcome to the clean cut appeal of Menu’s showroom, a multi-purpose space allowing for – not only a showroom, but an office and café as well! As a collaborative effort between Danish design company Menu and Norm Architects, the goal was to create a space that would be inspirational amidst its open chic feel, offering a workspace and a coffee house where creative minds could gather and co-conspire whatever genius was on the menu that day. Continue reading

modern mid-century kitchen

Newtown House

Modernizing mid-century spaces is all the rage right now, with so much spatial appeal, built-in cubbies and ample windows, these box-like burrows have now become the ideal remodel projects. Newtown House is exactly one of those homes that has been turned, by Hindley & Co, from modern mid-century to an epic expanded 21st century version of its previous self, all without foregoing character or classic appeal. Continue reading

modern kitchen bathroom extension

St David Residence Extension

The St David home extension, by architect Nicola Dovey, is a simple yet delightful space, grounded by maple flooring and framing throughout, it comes alive with a fresh white kitchen and enough charm to out-charm Romeo himself. Continue reading