designer bathrooms kalikolor2 50x50 - KaliKolor: Designer bathrooms by BlueBleu

KaliKolor: Designer bathrooms by BlueBleu


The new designer bathrooms by Italian BlueBleu are stylish and colorful. The KaliKolor tubs collection will give new life to any bathroom design. These bathtubs come in four versions; Isle, Peninsula, Corner and Niche; all available with and without Blu Air system. Continue reading

kitchen gadgets ring faucet - Ring faucet

Ring faucet

The Ring faucet, a new kitchen gadget by Sun Liang, provides a frame to the circular dynamic movement of water falling over the edge. It is about experiencing and discovering the awe-inspiring beauty of water in a whole new way in our daily lives. Continue reading


Fridge freezer by Gorenje


This fridge freezer by Gorenje has been decored with 26,000 Swarovski crystals. It is a part of a limited edition of 100 prestigious Gorenjeblack fridge freezers. Continue reading

fume hood inseq - Cooker hood Hurly Burly

Cooker hood Hurly Burly

cooker-hood-inseqHurly Burly cooker hood from Inseq Design is a great idea for small houses or compact home owners.

This cooker hood doesn’t take much space while resting closely on a few screws attached to the kitchen wall, waiting to silently slide to the forefront to clear the steam of your broiled soup or fried potatoes.

This cool cooker hood is guarding the steam from infiltrating the room with its smell, by using an activated carbon filter. Instead of using a steam outlet, Hurly Burly solely relies on the room’s air circulation and has a removable grease filter, thus always showing a clean appearance for its next encounter with food.

Getting the right cooker hood to suit all your needs and your kitchen design style is not easy. Continue reading


Kitchen design idea Drawer Fridge

Another kitchen design idea. This time it’s a cool drawer fridge for your kitchen by Norcool, a Scandinavian company which develops, manufactures and markets solutions for the storage of food and drinks (also known as Scandinavian Appliances AS). Continue reading

rain shower head drnbrct3 50x50 - RainSky: clear, pure, flowing water

RainSky: clear, pure, flowing water


Dornbracht, a market leader for high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories. Their product range also includes fittings and accessories for kitchens, as well as Dornbracht Interiors, a series of exclusive designer furniture and accessories. Their philosophy is clear, pure, flowing water.

RainSky is their new rain forest shower head that will transform the way you shower into a completely new experience. It looks heavenly and I’m pretty sure it also feels like it. The product concept is based on warm summer rain, hot tropical rain, cool autumnal rain. Rain in all its forms. As Rene Pier says: “With RainSky we have enticed the clouds from the sky into our homes”. Continue reading


Eco products by Thomas Jowen

eco-products-designerThe creative, UK based product designer Thomas Jowen goes for simple design combined with naturalistic materials eco-design, thus creating the energy and environment conscientious behouden, the naturo soap dispenser and the blow me hairdryer while keeping these daily products efficient, practical and fun.

celeb scales - Celebrity Weighing Scale

Celebrity Weighing Scale

electronic-gadgetsThe Celebrity Weighing Scale helps you see how you compare to your fave celebs, historical figures, and made-up characters. Settings that range from Baby Jesus to King Kong, and include Chuck Norris and Goldie Hawn…