kitchen appliances bugatti 7 50x50 - Individual by Bugatti: luxury leather & denim kitchen appliances

Individual by Bugatti: luxury leather & denim kitchen appliances


An Italian feeling in design calls for high quality and luxury, wouldn’t you agree? Bugatti’s Individual line of kitchen appliances has been developed by talented Italian craftsmen, just for this purpose: to satisfy the desire of those who want a product with special features, that distinguish it and make it unique. A range of hand finished products created by combining different colors and materials. Continue reading

cork wash basin sfd 50x50 - Cork Wash Basin: Au-Naturel in The Bathroom

Cork Wash Basin: Au-Naturel in The Bathroom


A part of the award-winning collection from Portuguese duo behind Simple Forms Design, the cork washbasin is a functioning sink in a material more usually associated with wine bars and beach huts. The piece nicely sums up the design houses’ mission – to revive forgotten materials into pieces that can stand alone in any interior. The cork is given a modern flavor with rubber composite mix and a specialist surface treatment against water and wear. Continue reading

bathroom basin step 50x50 - Step bathroom basin: Step Right Up

Step bathroom basin: Step Right Up


Bathroom design is sometimes underestimated. After all it’s “just” a place we spend only but a small fraction of our lives. However small the fraction, it is quite important, when we consider that our days begin and end in our bathrooms. Ensuring that these rooms of our domestic environments are well taken care off and they also express our personalities and interior design preferences is important. A day that begins in a beautifully lit, aesthetically pleasing space prepares us properly for the day ahead of us, while setting the tone for how we’ll react to life and its happenings. Continue reading

designer radiator trame 50x50 - Trame radiator: a hot looking appliance

Trame radiator: a hot looking appliance


The corporate mission of Tubes could be in fact every interior designer’s and architect’s dream come true: introducing radiators that look more like architectural elements than system components, radiators that are not restricted to satisfying heating requirements. A perfect balance in terms of utmost energy efficiency and aesthetics is achieved, while making your living room or bathroom look and feel fabulous. Continue reading

cordless vacuum hoover 50x50 - Hoover platinum collection: cordless

Hoover platinum collection: cordless


A Hoover. Not just any kind of vacuum cleaner. But a sleek, versatile, stick vacuum from Hoover’s Platinum collection, which will successfully replace your dustpan and broom in your every day floor cleaning procedures.

It comes together with a ton of amazing features, its fade free, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery being only but one of them. No more cords! You and your hoover will dance around the room with ease and there’ll be nothing to keep you tied to a plug. Moreover, it happens to be the only stick vacuum with Hoover Windpannel technology and cyclonic filtration, guaranteeing no loss of suction even when moving from hard floors to low pile carpet. Continue reading

modern fan otto2 50x50 - Otto fan: summer breeze

Otto fan: summer breeze


Say hello to Otto, a whisper quiet fan, made from the prettiest bamboo wood, forming a round shape, standing on high grade steel, adjustable height legs for a modern, contemporary and practical design.

Much like fresh green bamboo sticks decorating corners of your home are associated with a sense of freshness, this device will keep you cool inside, when temperatures hit the red level. Continue reading

mini fridge marshall2 50x50 - Marshall Amp Fridge: A Fun Tribute to the Real Thing

Marshall Amp Fridge: A Fun Tribute to the Real Thing

“The coolest icon in music just got cooler” – is the tag line for this new Marshall Amp Fridge. Cheesy line? Yes. But it’s OK, Marshall can get away with it because they’re awesome. This small mini fridge is the perfect way to enhance your jam session. Visually it fits right in with the group and it’s ready to serve up some cool drinks in style. Continue reading

tower fan dyson am022 50x50 - Dyson AM02 Tower Fan: The Coolest Fan Around

Dyson AM02 Tower Fan: The Coolest Fan Around


The Dyson AM02 Tower Fan is a super cool product for modern and contemporary interior spaces. Besides its awesome blade-less feature, the simple, sleek look of the design is highly appealing. It can fit discretely into your interior scheme while effectively cooling the temperature of your living space. Continue reading

small toaster oven solo2 50x50 - Solo Oven: Ideal for a small kitchen

Solo Oven: Ideal for a small kitchen


People who live in small apartments usually look for multifunctional pieces of furniture and space saving appliances. Think about places like Tokyo or Amsterdam where living spaces are quite compact, sometimes even tiny.

Limited living spaces require small appliances, especially when your kitchen counter is concerned. Which brings us to the Solo Oven – a cool looking toaster oven, from Japanese design company, Recolte – definitely fits the bill. Continue reading

countertop microwave wp 22 50x50 - Whirlpool Countertop Microwave Oven: Micro-Gem

Whirlpool Countertop Microwave Oven: Micro-Gem


when I was a student I found out the only cooking equipment that will fit my new kitchen is a small frying pan, so for three years the only cooked food that I’ve ate was fried egg. But now things are different; lately I’ve discovered this compact Countertop Microwave Oven from Whirlpool, that can fit perfectly on my limited counter space. With a great solid design and unique rounded back this microwave can fit into corners too! – Perfect for small apartments and dorm rooms. Continue reading