magazine rack looread2 50x50 - Loo Read

Loo Read


Remember Ringo, the freestanding magazine rack we told you about? Well, here’s another cool rack from designer duo Black+Blum by the name of ‘Loo Read’ – made you smile, didn’t it… Continue reading

magazine rack ringring 2 - Ringo Magazine Rack

Ringo Magazine Rack


I love this magazine rack. It’s minimal yet sculptural, can hold plenty of magazines and is easy to lift. It’s a freestanding rack, crafted from four nickel plated steel rings that will add a contemporary look to your home decor without taking much space. Continue reading

dishrack high dry - High & Dry Dishrack

High & Dry Dishrack


Anglo-Swiss Black+Blum designed this contemporary and highly functional kitchen dish rack, which folds down to a flat compact shape for easy storage. Continue reading

wire bowls lounge1 - Lounge Wire Baskets

Lounge Wire Baskets


Featuring a beautifully handcrafted stainless steel body with a matte finish and an open, see-through appeal, the new award-winning Lounge collection from WMF would make a trendy decorative centerpiece with a contemporary European design. Continue reading

garage storage tireroo - Tire Roo Garage Storage

Tire Roo Garage Storage


Instead of letting that stack of tires in your garage take up space turn it into a useful storage area. The Tire Roo has over two dozen pockets and loops to keep everything organized and in its place – Great for tools, car wash accessories, gardening equipment, brooms, hockey sticks, electrical cords, hoses and more. Continue reading

rolling shelf - Rolling Shelf

Rolling Shelf


Here’s a cool concept by Irish designer Catherine Greene. It’s a flexible, wall mounted shelving unit in which the shelves roll back, like a chameleon tail, to accommodate tall objects, waiting for you to move them back to their original position. Continue reading

bookcase room divider exot - Exotic Bookcase Room Divider

Exotic Bookcase Room Divider


This piece of furniture is both decorative and practical and can be used as a bookcase as well as an open room divider. Part sculpture, part bookcase, it makes a strong statement when added to a room and is assured of drawing attention and compliments – The perfect item for your home and office. Continue reading

slideshelf - Parenthetical Shelves

Parenthetical Shelves

Check out this playful and multi-functional shelving system, that allows multiple configurations and uses. With a sleek, rounded parenthesis-like design, these shelves provide an ever-changing, contemporary chic. Continue reading

round storage tower - Storage Tower

Storage Tower


Both elegant and practical, this versatile storage tower includes three round containers, making it so easy to keep track of all sorts of small objects; place it in your bedroom for small jewelry or cufflinks, or in the bathroom for fuzzy cotton balls and creams. You can also use it as a stylish kitchen container for storing sweets or anything else you can come up with, you decide. Continue reading

piggybank bookend - Unbook Bank Bookend

Unbook Bank Bookend


The Unbook is a whimsical, modern take on the classic piggy bank, only for adults. Place it on a bookshelf, at home or in the office, while it discreetly collects enough loose change and turns into a sturdy bookend, holding up the books on either side of it. Continue reading