magazine rack zurich - Zurich Magazine Rack

Zurich Magazine Rack


There’s no such thing as having ‘too many magazines’… However a good rack that is both functional as well as stylish is hard to come by. So, when i found Adesso’s Zurich Magazine Rack, i thought to myself “Hmmm, a stylish convenient storage plus a sophisticated design – Perfect!” Continue reading

designer dustpan broom 3 - Dustpan and Broom Set

Dustpan and Broom Set


Tidying up has never looked so beautiful! I simply love this stylish dustpan and broom set from Normann Copenhagen and I’m sure it will be the perfect gift for those who like to clean with precision and style, keeping everything nice and neat. Continue reading

dish rack aurea - Aurea Dish Rack

Aurea Dish Rack


Designed by Barcelona-based Ernest Perera for Delica, the Aurea is a solid, space-saving dish rack for drying out your kitchen dishes. I love the simple, stylish design of this melamine resin drainer, reminding us that even our dreary daily chores – like doing the dishes – could be inspiring. Continue reading

wood coat rack martha 2 - Martha Coat Rack

Martha Coat Rack


Martha is a sculpture-like wooden coat rack, designed by Philipp Mainzer. It consists of a 30 mm thick solid wood board, made of European oak/walnut, which leans against the wall. Continue reading

wire manager clear 2 - Clear Wire Manager

Clear Wire Manager


Clear is a modern, hanging wire manager, designed by Philipp Mainzer and Bettina Stenger – The perfect office accessory for keeping your desktop tidy and your working environment bright and colorful. Continue reading

transformer shelf 4 - Transformer Shelf

Transformer Shelf


I love the concept of the Transformer Shelf by German designer, Martin Sammer. Perfect for small spaces and compact homes, this playful storage unit is designed to constantly rearrange the different units towards each other, while creating different shapes. Continue reading

storage case quad 2 - Quad storage case

Quad storage case


The Quad is a stylish storage case where you can store almost everything; from CD’s and DVD’s to magazines, books, folders and more. Designed by graphic designer and architect Nauris Kalinauskas, this storage solution is beautiful in its geometric design and simplicity. Continue reading

modulo organizer 2 - Modulo organizer

Modulo organizer


The Modulo, by French designers Ekobo, is a great multi-faceted organizer for your kitchen, bathroom, office or studio. Continue reading

busyboo avatar - Compact space cart

Compact space cart


The CI Cart is another space saving solution from Vienna-based design studio, CIO. Similar to a folding chair, this mobile serving cart on wheels pops open with a simple lift and retracts as easily for storage. Continue reading

linde sandstrom steel shelf - Linde & Sandstrom

Linde & Sandstrom


Danish designer Anne Linde and Swedish interior designer Monica Sandstrom create perfectly formed yet delightfully functional products. For example the Square – a bookcase, made from powder coated aluminum, which can also be enjoyed as a sculptural piece in the home or office. Simply hook it up on your wall and show off your book collection or other decorative artifacts. I loved how its simple yet very smart design allows for showing certain books while storing the rest out of sight. Continue reading