kitchen design balthaup b2 7 - Bulthaup B2 Kitchen System: rethinking the kitchen

Bulthaup B2 Kitchen System: rethinking the kitchen


Trust Bulthaup to radically rethink the kitchen and cooking, and come up with the concept of dividing it into three main areas: work, storage and appliances.

Based on their vast experience and research, Bulthuap has redefined the kitchen to suit the lifestyle and needs of the modern household. Taking into account that modern homes are usually constrained for space, that a family can mean one or two adults with or without any number of children and that the needs of a household changes over time, the most important feature required of a kitchen is flexibility and adaptability. Continue reading

tapehook paper wall hook 3 - Tapehook: tape a paper hook to your wall

Tapehook: tape a paper hook to your wall


How cool is this concept: hooks that look like pieces of sticky-tape that was turned into a hook and stuck to the wall. These hooks are really easy to install and are great for organizing small accessories, jewelry, keys, sunglasses and other odds and ends, in short – all my stuff that I always keep in cluttered heaps in boxes and drawers. Continue reading

unique bookcase collect2 - Collect Bookcase: A Good Place

Collect Bookcase: A Good Place


If you’re looking for a decorative item, that is also useful, there are two important things to take into consideration: shape and color. The Collect Bookcase has both of these factors, big time.

The idea behind this vivid green oblique furniture is to create a place that awakes good memories. Good memories make all the difference in a room’s ambiance. The energy of good memories goes a long way, and inspires anyone who walks into that room. Don’t think about it as purely a bookcase – think about it as a good place. Continue reading

decorative dustpan pylones4 - Pylones Dustpan Set: Dirty Work is Fun

Pylones Dustpan Set: Dirty Work is Fun


Cleaning up is a part of life, we may like it or not, but bottom line is that we have to do it anyway. That’s where this decorative dustpan set, from Pylones, comes in handy – to make a dirty work just a bit more fun.

These lovely lady brooms sweep towards their grooms. Both durable and adorable, these pleasing pairs will lighten your heart and your housework. You can also magnet them for easy storage. It may not change your chore or the entire day, but it’ll definitely put up a smile on your face. Continue reading

dish drainer geo3 - Dish Drainer Geo: Colorful Contour

Dish Drainer Geo: Colorful Contour


Finally, you put that pile of dishes inside the dishwasher, but unfortunately there are always these few bits and pieces that should be hand washed. The Dish Drainer Geo is the perfect mat for drying your hand-washed dishes.

This colorful item has been designed especially to drain a small amount of washing-up – it is a splendidly designed mat; the subtle height differences in the design will ensure that the water will drain off. Flat and takes up very little space, it can be put away if required, but that really isn’t necessary because its design, inspired by geographical contour lines, ensures that it fades harmoniously in every interior. Continue reading

clutter free desk bluelounge 3 - Clutter Free StudioDesk: Clear Surface

Clutter Free StudioDesk: Clear Surface


In a way, our desk is our working mat. We need it available and inviting to do our workout, otherwise everything’s a mess. The Clutter Free StudioDesk is the ultimate version of a desk free of mess, a clean workout mat, just ready for us to take charge. This is a clutter free working environment that keeps you connected to all your peripherals.

All peripherals and excess cables are hidden just under the sliding desktop surface. Everything goes in the storage compartment – Power strips, AC adapters, USB hubs, external hard drives – so only one single cable will exit the desk to reach the power socket in your wall. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop allows the necessary peripheral and power cables to enter/exit at any point, thereby keeping the desktop clear and mess-free. Continue reading

unique waste bin trash evasolo - Eva Solo Waste Bin: No Trash Talk

Eva Solo Waste Bin: No Trash Talk


Every now and again it seems like it couldn’t possibly get much easier. Well, here’s a newsflash – it actually could. This unique waste bin, by Eva Solo, makes it so much easier. The secret is in the lid, as it opens from all sides. Its sloping sides make it easy to lift the liner out, replace it and fill it again. It features an ingenious liner holder that simply sinks into place in the trash can.

Want to hear some more? It is available in three sizes, making it an ideal accessory for the kitchen, the office and even the bathroom. No more trash talk, cause this waste bin is smart. Continue reading

magazine newspaper rack wrs2 - Blomus Wires: Keep Things In Order

Blomus Wires: Keep Things In Order


If there’s anything that can ruin a room’s decor, it is the magazine and newspaper pile discarded in the corner, trying to be invisible with no luck. Blomus brings us Wires – a simple, elegant solution to this never ending pile. Made of durable stainless steel construction with chrome finish, this rack features a compact wire design that would keep your magazines contained, keeping your room tidy and elegant as you want it. Continue reading

mago brooms - Mago Broom: Sweeping Tool

Mago Broom: Sweeping Tool


It is important that our cleaning tools will have just as much character and style as any other item we have around the house. The Mago Broom has exactly that – its own character and a special shape. It probably won’t change the way you feel about sweeping, however, it’ll definitely bring in some positive vibe. It is available in 7 different colors that you can mix and match with a selection of spare brushes. To make it even more merrier – colorful wall hooks are also available; this is your sweeping tool. Continue reading

step ladder flo - Flo Step Ladder: Step Up

Flo Step Ladder: Step Up


When it comes to step ladders most of the expectations are focused on it to be strong and compact enough for easy storage. With the Flo Step Ladder you’ve got all that and an added bonus in the form of stylish design. The material: frame in anodized aluminum matt natural, steps in standard injection-molded glossy ABS.

It is available in two colors of vibrant orange or classical grey. Whatever it is that you need to do, you can simply spread it open, step up and put it back in again. No hassle, this is a very easy-to–use product that will look good folded or opened thanks to its unique design. Continue reading