wine cooler dollypop - Wine Cooler DollyPop

Wine Cooler DollyPop


The DollyPop cooler is a sheepskin wine bottle cover that will keep your wine just at the right temperature. Named after the famous Dolly, this stylish wine cooler is based on the concept of a sheep’s fur, which is a great natural insulator.

Designed by Dirk Wynants from Extremis, the DollyPop concept is based on using natural materials in a responsible way without having to throw away any part of the available material.

Slip your wine bottle inside the DollyPop ensuring your chilled wine remains cool as you chill-out with your friends. Use it with white wine and champagne bottles and don’t worry while you are pouring a drink because the neoprene ring will prevent the bottle jacket from sliding off and make sure that no drops stain the bottle jacket.


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