Malibu Bungalow

Malibu Bungalow is an 1800 sq. ft., 1-acre property mildly remodeled from an original 1957 storybook ranch style space. Built by the original owner, this home offers many memories within the walls erected inside it, and has now been refreshed, by boutique design and architecture firm RA-DA, to build upon those memories for the new owners. Continue reading


Cherry Flat

The Cherry Flat by Sergey Makhno Architects does anything but “fall flat” as far as design goes, and I feel like a standing ovation is in order for the “blossoming bathroom” …if I can be so bold as to start there! Continue reading


Hua Hin Penthouse

Hua Hin Penthouse gives the term “clean lines” a whole new meaning. Located in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, and designed by Ayutt and Associates design (AAd), this luxury top floor penthouse apartment is a definite gem to the Gulf locale of tranquil Thailand. Continue reading



With an aim to deliver subdued opulence and functional fluidity within this beautiful penthouse apartment, this spatial sky-high property definitely landed a bulls-eye. Continue reading


Century-Old Apartment With Style

If ever you had a hankerin’ to call a house home, this house is as homey as they come! This beautiful second century space rings in at nearly 690 square feet, but despite the small space – this Scandinavian inspired one bedroom apartment is brimming with beauty. Continue reading


Tiny Wine Shop In Pamplona

Roll back the garage style doorway and discover the beautifully designed boutique Wine Shop in Pamplona. Located on Estafeta Street within Pamplona itself – the capital of the Navarre province in northern Spain – this wine tasting nook is definitely a gem worth stumbling upon. Continue reading


Fremantle House

The Fremantle House is a home of many colors, shapes, and stylish elements sure to set your interior design fire ablaze! Starting with the master bedroom drenched in a sea of dark walnut wood flooring, and a headboard and nightstands that are nearly a perfect match. This wood-centric space has a subdued 70s flair to it, while still offering a fresh modern appeal with grey tones throughout. Continue reading



We don’t know that we have ever seen a “nearly” full-scale library offering a rooftop terrace before, but the XSBK Flat by Cadaval & Sola Morales offers exactly that! Set in Mexico City this home delivers a wall comprised entirely of books. Truly any reader’s paradise, the space looks comfortably modern while delivering grey slate tile flooring, floor to ceiling windows, and enough charm to even make Romeo blush. Continue reading


LOFT Linear Kitchen

Loft delivers a fully equipped kitchen design that makes you want to just sit and stare. It delivers a rustic ambiance that is clutter free, while still being eclectic enough to create curiosity in a room in the home that is always the most popular – the kitchen! Continue reading


Apartment LI

Apartment LI looks something like an archaeological find, heavy with stonewalls yet lightened by charming corners. Originally, this tiny space housed horse-drawn carriages and tack gear for the main house, and has been expertly refinished by Anne Rolland Architecte. Continue reading