Vedbaek House

Beauty is truly in the details of this 1862 fishing cottage, now the family home of architect Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, cofounder of Norm Architects. The charm of the original structure, lying outside Copenhagen, remains. Yet the modern interventions blend perfectly with the quirkiness of days gone by. Continue reading


Host Restaurant

Today’s special is a dramatic and bold dining experience served with reconstructed farmhouse flair. In Copenhagen, Host Restaurant, designed by Norm Architects, is an urban oasis. On multiple levels the establishment has captured the expected Scandinavian warmth through unexpected twists. Continue reading


Five to One Apartment

Space is at a premium most everywhere, and certainly so in New York City. Michael Chen, MKCA, is an architect who specializes in tiny space living. His multi-purpose modern features eliminate single-use and under-used areas to maximize square footage and help us to live with lighter environmental footprints. Continue reading


Le 205

A former Montreal workshop now bachelor pad defies the expectations of this type of home. Chris Barrie of Atelier Moderno revitalized the space for himself and his two teenage sons. It’s a one floor brick building on a corner lot so three sides boast plenty of windows. The roof terrace’s outdoor space is a luxury in the urban setting. And it’s partially shaded by the taller adjoining structure. Continue reading


Vienna Loft Conversion

When the architecture of an interior is the star, no ornament is required. Bernd Gruber converted this wonderful loft space in to an abstract yet still incredibly intimate one bedroom home. Continue reading


Maid’s Room Renovation

Let’s never wish for more space again! In just eight sq.m., KitoKo Studio has created a tiny yet complete living space for a family’s nanny. It’s the Swiss army knife of living quarters, with every need fulfilled by items that come out when you need them and are perfectly concealed when you don’t. Continue reading


2014 Decorator Showcase – Mixologist’s Quarters

Kid in a candy store is what I envision in this dynamic design by Reba Jones of Butler Armsden Architects. Or, more accurately, it is the dream space of every stylish adult mixologist. Forget the wine cellar as the bold flair of classic and modern cocktails gains popularity again. Continue reading


Hotel Consolacion

Hotel Consolacion describes itself as a “delicious hotel and restaurant”. Although this is an appropriate descriptor, it is so much more. For those of you looking for a lovely hotel in an undiscovered region of Spain, look no farther than this hidden gem nestled in the hills of the Matarrana region located in the eastern region of Spain. Continue reading


Gruener Baum Hotel

A perfect alignment of historic architecture, a stunning alpine environment, a tiny medieval walled city, and modern interiors awaits you at this South Tyrolean hotel. The 500-year-old inn has been revived by architects Dr. Andreas Flora and Dr. Christian Kapeller as a 10 room guest home. Continue reading


Stone House Rooftop Apartment

Just 50 sq.m., this small fourth floor walk-up in Vaasa, Sweden is worth every step you take to get there. Comprised of one bed, one bath, an eat-in kitchen, and living room, the home’s light and volume amplify its compact size. Continue reading