The Nomad Hotel

New York is often referred to as ‘the greatest city on earth’, and although that opinion might vary among strangers, it is a truth that certainly resonates with local New Yorkers. That being said, one might begin to make that truth part of their own reality with a visit to The NoMad Hotel – not an average city hotel in any sense of the word. Continue reading


H67 Apartment Remodel

Modern meets marvelous in this H67 Apartment Remodel by Studio Practice. Originally designed by Moshe Safdie for the 1967 World Exposition in Montreal, the iconic Habitat 67 is a beautifully composed apartment building, comprised of prefabricated cube-style dwellings, that offer those who call this haven home, a chic space to cohabitate within, with an outdoor terrace delivering nature to their doorstep. Continue reading


Le Petite Apartment

Nestled within the Odesskaya Oblast area in Odessa, Ukraine, you will find this cute as a button apartment aptly titled: Le Petite Apartment – for it is truly “the small apartment”. But it definitely does not show up small in either it’s efficient design, nor it’s beautiful interiors. Continue reading


Basement Conversion in Tel Aviv

Often when one thinks “lower level”, lower end also comes to mind. But in the case of this Basement Conversion in Tel Aviv, nothing could be further from the truth. With the assistance of Tamir Addadi Architecture, they were able to take this 915 sq. ft. windowless basement, and transform it into a bright and cheery space that offered two separate apartments for an intended single occupancy. Continue reading


Boro Hotel

The Boro Hotel offers stylish boutique accommodations for those who find themselves in the illustrious Dutch Kills neighborhood, within the Long Island, NY district. And as a “borough” of Queens, the name itself was intended to reflect exactly that: a “Boro”! As a city known for not playing shy about being “the greatest” in every regard, this hotel is no exception to such a proclamation. Continue reading


Scandinavian Apartment

Who knew that a ‘somewhat’ monochromatic interior could meet a ‘somewhat’ minimalistic space in the middle ground known as perfection? Clearly the designers knew exactly their intent! Expertly designed by Image Box Studios out of New Delhi, India, this Scandinavian Apartment has beautiful original features such as a brick wall painted the perfect shade of white, along with white plank flooring with just a splash of sheen, a duo of white couches, and a variety of art happily strewn amidst the room. Continue reading


Tiny Stacked Apartment

It’s true; we can’t get enough of these small spaces, simply because we are finding the limited floor space to be so greatly overshadowed by the big personalities each one of them presents. After all, why live in excess with this type of access?!
This tiny stacked apartment, or “residential house” by Denis Svirid, is an example of exactly the personality we speak of. A concept to completion project that inspires one to want to downsize, if only to see what kind of creative genius they themselves could concoct. Continue reading


Residence Nguyen

Atelier Modern design firm managed to wow once again with this Montreal, Canada construct. Set in motion by a young couple ready to undergo the makings of a family, this project began under such an understanding, and took shape with the recognition that any growing family needs space that is adaptable to every stage of life. Once the stage was set, it was time for Atelier Modern to set the tone, and so they did! Continue reading


Apartment A+

This apartment happened upon us without a name or location by which to associate it, but we felt it was well deserving of both recognition and a title. Thus we have named this project Apartment A+. Top letter grade, perfect sense! In fact, the entire apartment appears to make perfect sense. From the uniformity of the leather white walls, to the cozy corner fireplace, to the statement piece bookshelf in turquoise …everything has its place and is perfectly placed. Continue reading


NPL Penthouse

Perched 30 floors above street level, this lofty penthouse in Kiev – the capital of the Ukraine – was beautifully designed and orchestrated by Architect Olga Akulova. The owner of this freshly created opulence originated from Spain, and his desire was to have a space that brought a heightened entertainment experience for his guests, which is exactly what Olga delivered. Continue reading