We don’t know that we have ever seen a “nearly” full-scale library offering a rooftop terrace before, but the XSBK Flat by Cadaval & Sola Morales offers exactly that! Set in Mexico City this home delivers a wall comprised entirely of books. Truly any reader’s paradise, the space looks comfortably modern while delivering grey slate tile flooring, floor to ceiling windows, and enough charm to even make Romeo blush. Continue reading


LOFT Linear Kitchen

Loft delivers a fully equipped kitchen design that makes you want to just sit and stare. It delivers a rustic ambiance that is clutter free, while still being eclectic enough to create curiosity in a room in the home that is always the most popular – the kitchen! Continue reading


Apartment LI

Apartment LI looks something like an archaeological find, heavy with stonewalls yet lightened by charming corners. Originally, this tiny space housed horse-drawn carriages and tack gear for the main house, and has been expertly refinished by Anne Rolland Architecte. Continue reading


Tiny Studio Space

This tiny studio space might be short on size, but it is large on design and reaches high heights where it matters most – comfort and ambiance! Delivering all of the conveniences of any modern “normal sized” home, this 29 sq m apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden delivers a white hue of feminine class that outshines any sense of loss of space. Continue reading


Silko Evolution Kitchen

Whether contained within a restaurant, a home, an office lounge or a cafeteria, the Silko Evolution Kitchen is plentiful in function and style.
Offering a compact solution with a side of modern design, this “kitchen-in-a-box” is truly a lifestyle piece that offers innovative solutions to everyday cooking – whether for a large group of choosy restaurant patrons or a family – the Evolution line evolves with it’s owner. Continue reading


Masseria Moroseta

The architecture and interior design of Masseria Moroseta is nothing short of stunning, and is the wonder-workings of Andrew Trotter – who took over three years to create this boutique B&B, ensuring ample time was taken to keep the Pugliese traditions alive throughout this white heavenly haven. Continue reading


Pivot Apartment

The small Pivot apartment was recently celebrated as the most innovative interior space by the Institute Honor Awards for Interior Architecture. And rightly so! Designed by Architecture Workshop PC, this tiny 400 sq. ft. studio is a multi-faceted wonder and home to the versatility of a bedroom, a dining room large enough to host 10 friends, an open studio space …and more. Continue reading


Southwood London Townhouse

London, UK is known for it’s impeccable fashion and illustrious landscapes, and LLI Design has beautifully added to the bouquet of London-centric structures with this Southwood home located in the highly sought after Highgate district. Continue reading


Apartment In Moscow

Historic Moscow might not seem to be the quintessential quarters for a warm and inviting family homestead, but with the help of a long list of designers from Form Bureau, this dynamic “do-over” team retailored three existing apartments and turned them into home-sweet-home. Continue reading


ajstudio Workplace

For some people, going to work can be a drag. But we’re pretty sure, for the busy-bee’s of the ajstudio Workplace – working here must be a pleasure! Continue reading