Gruener Baum Hotel

A perfect alignment of historic architecture, a stunning alpine environment, a tiny medieval walled city, and modern interiors awaits you at this South Tyrolean hotel. The 500-year-old inn has been revived by architects Dr. Andreas Flora and Dr. Christian Kapeller as a 10 room guest home. Continue reading


Stone House Rooftop Apartment

Just 50 sq.m., this small fourth floor walk-up in Vaasa, Sweden is worth every step you take to get there. Comprised of one bed, one bath, an eat-in kitchen, and living room, the home’s light and volume amplify its compact size. Continue reading


Corkellis House

It is such an indulgence to peek inside the home of a designer, especially one that she designed and built. Kathryn Tyler, Linea Studio, carefully and thoughtfully designed her home and studio in Cornwall, UK, around her collection of mid-century modern furniture. Her collection began while she was studying graphic design and was seeking affordable lasting pieces to fill her student apartment. Continue reading


Tiny 40 sq.m. Apartment in Moscow

Can you imagine living in 40 sq. meters of living space? What is hard for most of us to visualize is beautifully illustrated in this tiny studio apartment in Moscow, designed by INT2 Architecture. Continue reading


Karakoy Loft

Ofist designers have taken this loft in the heart of Istanbul to unexpected heights. The 180 sq.m. home of a bachelor defies the bustling city outside in its spacious soothing atmosphere. Surrounded by boutiques, galleries, restaurants and hotels, it is an ideal location for a young man. In addition, his personality and lifestyle are evident in the design. Continue reading


Grand Tour

The essence of this apartment in Bari, Italy, is a personal history of the clients and their culture. Its grand tour of local, regional, and international architecture, past, and present, builds a deep connection and comfort in the spatial design and interior furnishings of this modern home. Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa designed a richly layered space with materials, forms, and patterns that represent their clients’ life story. Continue reading


NUUUN Wall Kitchen

Sleek and stylish as a teak sailing vessel, the NUUUN Wall kitchen is now available for your home. The Dutch people, known for their inventions, innovation, discovery and exploration have once again stepped up to the plate and brought us this stunning and aerodynamic modular kitchen design. Continue reading


Apartment Renovation VdC01

It’s hard to believe that this rooftop apartment in Porto, Portugal was once a dark and dreary space. A2OFFICE architects redesigned the space through gentle manipulations rather than extensive reconfigurations. As is often the case, they worked within a limited period and budget. Continue reading


NBJ Architectes Office

Who wouldn’t want to work in an 18th century building? NBJ Architectes designed their very own offices in the center of Montpelier, France. The historically registered former residential building is now a flowing unified space of open and private offices, meeting rooms, and integrated storage. Continue reading


Dar Hi

In the desert sands of Naftah, Tunisia, a luxury hotel will sweep you away. Rising from the sand, the ochre architecture takes its cues from the climate, along with local tradition and building materials. This collaborative creation by Matali Crasset, Patrick Elouarghi, and Philippe Chapelet, is a spiritual oasis to be explored individually or with family and friends. Continue reading