Grand Trunk Revival

From the moment you step onto the 2-step pallet entrance, you are entranced by the shabby chic delight of this compact space. With wooden crates piled up at the front door, greeting you unabashedly with such a free spirited decor, you know you are in for a treat once you enter. Continue reading


Room On The Roof

Room on the Roof is essentially a box of bliss. The ebony wrought iron spiral staircase leads the way into a crisp white nook in which to sleep, study, star gaze …and CREATE! Located in a small tower on de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, this historic haven has been transformed into a cultural gem. In fact, artists worldwide hear the calling to this nest infused with creative energy, and come to unabashedly utilize it. Continue reading


PANO Penthouse

Set in Bangkok, Thailand, the PANO Penthouse is a design delight courtesy of Ayutt and Associates design. As the 4th highest high-rise in Bangkok, the sweeping views are breathtaking. And although this dwelling is sandwiched within a population of 6.3 million outside it’s city doors, the architects managed to beautifully bring nature into this home, regardless of the jungle of concrete outside. Continue reading


Bloomsbury House (or Little White House)

Stiff + Trevillion did a beautiful job at taking this 1990’s home, and remodeling it into a modern fresh living space. This heavily glassed in haven is a bungalow of white washed walls, pine flooring, and a loft workspace that reeks of inspiration. Perched atop the main living area, the banister is made entirely of glass, and allows for a narrow workstation, as well as a comfortable sitting area. Continue reading


Rabbit’s Tale Office

From the sweeping spiral staircase, to the polished cement floors, the Rabbit’s Tail Office is no haphazard rabbit trail of design. Rather it is a well-orchestrated burrow of monochromatic sophistication, style and form. Continue reading


Loft Office with Hanging Garden

Knotted pine, picture windows, and a plethora of potted plants make this office space a natural infusion of light, with a side of clean air to boot. The Loft Office with Hanging Garden of Rotterdam-based jvantspijker architecture design practice is definitely a visual pleasure, where meetings can be held and minds can be molded, while coffee percolates and your morning ride – a footprint-free bicycle – can be parked right next to your coat. Continue reading


Combi Water Fall Shower

There is nothing more enjoyable than a waterfall …are we right? Something about the sound of falling water and the mist that is emitted from it – regardless of if it delivers a torrent or a sprinkling of water, a waterfall is simply one of the most majestic natural sensations one can set their eyes, ears and body to. Combi by Vola has managed to take this sensation usually reserved for the outdoors, and bring it into our homes. Continue reading


Custom Industrial Chic

Les Ensembliers took 3 apartments within the Redpath Lofts in Montreal’s Sud-ouest district, near the Lachine Canal, and designed this space into a three-floor, 6,000 square-foot spectacular space – to say the least! Continue reading


New Logica System

The design team at Valcucine must be nothing short of genius. Who knew that luxury and logic could be so perfectly intertwined, as to both create kitchen solutions and solve space conundrums? With a tireless desire for customer satisfaction, Valcucine has outdone themselves once again with a kitchen system that is renewed and awakened in the most inspiring of ways. Continue reading


Flexible Space by IKEA

Sliding walls are popping up in all kinds of dwellings, providing privacy and flexibility to any given space in any given room. Suddenly a tiny city apartment, which doesn’t offer an official bedroom, can become a 1-bedroom space with these pretty partitions by Ikea. Not only does this mean convenience and privacy for those who live there, but also an increase in value to a home if it could be listed on the real estate market as a 1-bedroom condo. Continue reading