DL Terrace

First there was camping, then there was glamping, now there is the DL Terrace, which takes modern living and turns it into an outdoor experience! All thanks to Interior Designer Martine Brisson, who won the award for best home terrace at Quebec’s Grands Prix du Design 2015 thanks to this space set in nature. Continue reading


Loft Hrebenky Prague

Offering a hue of hides and horns, cement and rustic deep colored wood, the Loft Hrebenky Prague is a gritty glory land that encapsulates masculinity beautifully. Spanning 85 sq. m., every portion of this space has a meaningful touch to it, and also delivers a 50 sq. m. terrace with a view. Continue reading


Sainte-Anne Academy – the School of Tomorrow

Anyone with a child wishes for an educational institution that will not only provide knowledge, but will also prompt inspiration. Which is exactly what Sainte-Anne Academy – the School of Tomorrow – aims to instill. This 120,000 square-foot 1896 original gave Taktik Design the opportunity to take a historical space, revamp it with modern appeal, and infuse it with the kind of subdued energy children need on a day-to-day basis. Continue reading


A Small Apartment In Wroclaw

This small apartment in Wroclaw is a clydescope of monochromatic delights that wraps you in a welcoming form of cozy. Spanning only 100 square meters in size, this space might be considered small, but it offers a lot of personality and harnesses many hidden storage nooks for optimal use of space for a young family. Continue reading


Esters Apartment

Esters Apartment preemptively set the stage as an optimal remodel project for Bruzkus Batek. Offering a space with ample natural light and a wide-open architectural structure, this apartment was prime pickin’s to implement a fresh take of mid-century modern design on an aging environment. Continue reading


Magnet Kitchen for Small Spaces

Magnet is an ingenious UK based company that delivers kitchen space solutions for everyday use. No matter if your cooking area is large or small, the ingenuity of Magnet helps maximize every corner, cupboard and crevice in – ironically – the most minimalist manner. Continue reading


Petit Lapin Patisserie

Petit Lapin Patisserie is a delicious house of treats found in the Westmount district of Montreal, Canada. This 342 square foot one-stop-shop for all things cupcakes, is situated in a basement lead to by a 6-foot-wide hall, extending past the entranceway above this almost entirely underground space. Continue reading


738 Broadway

With industrial roots, this “Big Apple” Greenwich Village original structure is situated at 738 Broadway in New York and lacks nothing in the way of lavishness. Built in 1867, during the industrial revolution when cast iron architecture was all the rage, it has maintained much of its character, but with an undeniable enhancement to the interior design executed by Escobar Design by Lemay. Continue reading


Game Of Boxes

Wei Yi Design Associates took the irony of “thinking outside the box” to a whole new level with this inventive renovation. With a vision to take function and flexibility and “cube” it, the end result is squared away in a neat and tidy fashion, sitting pretty in muted shades of grey, beige and ebony. And with a collection of sliding and folding walls, the moveable nature of certain elements within the space counteracts beautifully with the rigidity of the solid cement form it is constructed with. Continue reading


Cordoba Flat

If exposed brick, pine wood flooring, and black accent walls and cupboards are a new thing – I’m in! This small studio apartment, set in Mexico City and designed by architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales, offers exactly that. Continue reading