deglon kitchen knives 0 - Beauty is in the Hand of the Beholder

Beauty is in the Hand of the Beholder


Cooking, for those of us who enjoy it, is a multi-sensual experience. Deglon have created a set of knives to enhance this experience. On the one hand the slick look and elegant way they sit one within the other have the effect of looking at a jewel, on the other hand the precision of the stainless steel gives the confidence required of a “working tool” – the result being you immediately want to try them out. Continue reading

herb garden - How to Create a Herb Garden in your Kitchen?

How to Create a Herb Garden in your Kitchen?


Whether it’s a quick snack after a day’s work or a special dinner for family and friends, there’s no denying that cooking with fresh herbs make every dish taste better – Parsley, Rosemary, Mint or Basil – Why not create your own small herb garden in your kitchen? Continue reading

nut cracker - Nut Cracker: Twist & Crack

Nut Cracker: Twist & Crack


Designed by Ineke Hans for Royal VKB, this cracker is perfect for removing nut shells; all you need to do is twist the cracker – It’s that simple! The nut stays in the container and the shell is cracked just enough for you to peel it off. Continue reading

oven mitt apron 3 - Oven Mitt Apron

Oven Mitt Apron


Designed by Flex for Royal VKB, this cool item is not your usual cooking apron. This versatile gadget serves both as an apron and oven mitts. It actually has built-in padded gloves sewn right into the front flaps, so your pot-holders are always at your side and within arms reach – very handy around the kitchen. Continue reading

chili scruncher piccantino - Spicy Piccantino Scruncher

Spicy Piccantino Scruncher


Designed by LPWK and Jim Hannon-Tan for Alessi, Piccantino is a stylish Chili Scruncher that chops, spreads and stores chili. It was conceived to solve the problem when this overwhelming hot spice comes into direct contact while cooking – Great as a gift for connoisseurs of spicy food. Continue reading

ravioli rolling pin - Ravioli Pasta Roller

Ravioli Pasta Roller


mmmm… I can just taste the authentic flavor of a handmade ravioli and the wonderful scent of pasta-making kitchens across Italy. Hand-rolled ravioli are marvelous things, but they take ages to prepare only to be devoured in minutes. However, with this kitchen gadget and a bit of flour you could make several hundred ravioli, just like in Italy, and freeze them for later. Continue reading

chopping board strainer - Rinse & Chop Board

Rinse & Chop Board


Rinse and Chop is a dual-function chopping board that, when folded, creates a strainer at one end and a chute at the other, making food preparation much easier and much more enjoyable. Where traditional colanders take up a lot of storage space, this one is an ideal cooking tool for those of us living with limited kitchen space. Continue reading

adjustable rolling pin - Adjustable Rolling Pin

Adjustable Rolling Pin


This ingenious cooking tool rolls out the dough beautifully, ensuring an even thickness throughout and, via measurements etched into the wooden surface, to the exact size required. Continue reading

cooking tools unitool 5 - Cooking Uni-tool

Cooking Uni-tool


This is by far the ultimate cooking tool! It’s a versatile 5-in-1 kitchen utensil by ‘Joseph Joseph’, with a space-saving design that will make your life so much easier in the kitchen. With this genius gadget you always have the right kitchen tool to hand, whatever you’re doing. Continue reading

potato masher smasher - Potato Smasher

Potato Smasher


Unlike conventional mashers, this excellent device cups and traps the potato firmly and securely in its capture ring, whilst its unique pump-action reduces work time and effort. It’s also the perfect cooking tool for puréeing other kinds of cooked vegetables and soft fruits. Continue reading