foldable cook book stand 50x50 - CookBook: A Chef’s Best Friend

CookBook: A Chef’s Best Friend


To all you chefs out there who love experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, CookBook by Joseph Joseph may just become your new best friend. CookBook is a compact foldable bookstand. Gone are the days of risking the appearance or life of your favorite cookbooks due to spills and splashes. Even if you’re more of a high-tech type, saving all your recipes on your electronic tablet, CookBook makes the perfect resting place for those too. Continue reading

double belgian waffle maker 2 - Double Belgian-Waffle Maker: Viciously Delicious!

Double Belgian-Waffle Maker: Viciously Delicious!


Sunday morning is all about treating yourself to a tasty breakfast, and the premium choice of course is a hot Belgian Waffle! But to be honest it never comes out as it should, sometimes it’s burned, other times it still has uncooked parts and worst of all is when the first one is getting cold while you’re working on that second waffle. No more! Recently I’ve got myself the WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker and since then every breakfast is viciously Delicious! Continue reading

herb knife colori ulu 2 - Colori Ulu Herb & Vegetable Knife: start chopping

Colori Ulu Herb & Vegetable Knife: start chopping


Watching an experienced chef chopping vegetables on a board is a real treat – they’re extremely fast and precise. I would love to have that ability, but I care too much about my fingers to give it a try. I present you the Colori Ulu from Kuhn Rikon – a unique herb and vegetable Knife that will help you chop veggies and herbs like a super-chef. Continue reading

herb pot sagaform - Sagaform Herb Pot: a perfect little herb garden

Sagaform Herb Pot: a perfect little herb garden


I love using fresh herbs. I find that nothing is as satisfying as the smells and flavors that fresh cut herbs add to my cooking. Because I don’t have a “green thumb” I haven’t been very successful at growing my own herbs. I know it’s supposed to be simple to grow them, but all my herb pots seem to die on me.

I purchase my fresh herbs at the farmers market but I always end up throwing most of them out as they don’t keep very well, and drying them defeats the purpose. Then I received the Sagaform Herb Pot, and was introduced to an ingenious way to enjoy fresh herbs. Continue reading

kitchen ipad mount belkin - Belkin Kitchen iPad Mount: Easy to Cook by

Belkin Kitchen iPad Mount: Easy to Cook by


It’s time to bring the iPad into the kitchen! While blenders, food processors, coffee machine and other utensils are all set, our iPad doesn’t quite find its place around the kitchen. That’s why we need the Kitchen iPad Mount from Belkin to keep our tablet safe and protected while we follow up on recipes and digital cookbooks.

The best part – you can use it everywhere in your kitchen; mount it on your fridge, cabinet or wall, without damaging surfaces when removed, by snapping it firmly into place via the command strips; place it on the chef stand and switch between two different viewing orientations: a low-angle orientation for optimum typing or up-close reading, or a vertical orientation that props your tablet’s screen up where you can see it from across the kitchen. Continue reading

oil vinegar set ichendorf - Ichendorf Oil/Vinegar Pourers: Twice the Style

Ichendorf Oil/Vinegar Pourers: Twice the Style


The Ichendorf Oil/Vinegar Pourers are a real treat for any table or kitchen. Do you know how the oil gets on the outer side of the bottle sometimes, and it is a bit messy and sticky. Well, the double walled pourers will certainly have that situation completely taken care of. Moreover, their design and style are simply beautiful, giving a simple item a brush of elegance to bring to your table. I love the visual of one container floating inside another, presenting this wonderful set with twice the style. Continue reading

toaster warmer bodum 4 - Bodum Bistro Toaster: Smells Soooo Good

Bodum Bistro Toaster: Smells Soooo Good


Morning has broken, you have to wake up, but before you leave the house for another day, you’d like something to get you going on your way. The smell of fresh, toasted bread can be quite irresistible, and the stylish Bistro Toaster, from Bodum, will help you make the best toast whenever you wish and the way you like it – toasted to your taste.

With this unique and rubberized exterior toaster you can accommodate up to two slices of bread at a time. It also includes a handy defrost feature and comes with a rack to keep bread, bagels, muffins and croissants warm. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, this toaster/warmer will keep your kitchen in style and your belly smiling. Continue reading

cooking wok boomerang 2 - Boomerang Wok: It's All in the Wrist

Boomerang Wok: It’s All in the Wrist


Don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone tries to stir & fry I know that the ending result will be quite messy. Thanks to the Boomerang Wok this is really a thing of the past. From now on, you get good food. No mess.

Thanks to the unique patented cupped edge of the Boomerang Wok, the ingredients can be turned with a simple movement of the spatula. The ingredients always end up back in the pan. Stir-frying has never been as much fun and as easy, and the cooker stays clean. It’s all in the wrist, baby, all in the wrist. Well, that will be our little secret, anyway… Continue reading

decorative whisk nemo - Nemo Whisk: Whip It

Nemo Whisk: Whip It


The thing about cooking is setting your mind in the right mood. What mood this shall be? A fun mood, creative, inspired to bring out the best to your food.

Good mood is also been created with vibrant, lively kitchen items, such is the Nemo Whisk – a colorful, unique wire design cooking tool. It’s different, it’s vibrant and it is designed to give more than just a whisk. It is designed to give some inspiration, simply in its presence. Continue reading

salad spinner eva solo - Eva Solo Salad Spinner: Easy Ride

Eva Solo Salad Spinner: Easy Ride


Making a salad should be easy and fun. With the Salad Spinner, from Eva Solo, it is quick too. The days of rinsing fresh leaves of lettuce, leaving them out to dry on a kitchen towel are over. The functional salad spinner enables you to quickly and easily clean, dry and prepare lettuce, retaining the water in the bucket before pouring it away. The salad spinner is ingeniously designed and guarantees fresh and beautifully rinsed lettuce for your salads. Continue reading