mix measure set royalvkb3 - Mix & Measure Set: Special Recipe

Mix & Measure Set: Special Recipe


Alright, you’re cooking, now it’s time to get you set, sorted, and most importantly, well equipped with the right tools to bring the best dish out of you. The Mix & Measure Set is exactly what you need to get you started on the right path.

Whenever you make a recipe that needs to be measured, instead of bending over and reading the small figures on the measuring jag, with Royal VKB’s Mix & Measure bowls, you can read the measuring scale very easily from above. And then you can also mix your ingredients in these stylish bowls. You can close the bowls with the separate lids in order to keep the contents fresh. Now it’s time to think about this special recipe you had in mind. Continue reading

cooking cutting boards 2 - Cut & Paste: cute and functional cutting boards

Cut & Paste: cute and functional cutting boards


Cut & Paste is a series of cutting boards designed for the modern kitchen. Cooking a meal always means ending up with lots of dishes to wash, first there are all the dishes I use to prepare the food – utensils, cutting board, pots, pans and bowls – then there are the dishes I use to serve the food.

Although I am an efficient cook (wash the dishes I use as I go along) at the end of the meal there’s still a dirty pile of dishes to be cleaned. I always keep my eye open for dishes that will save me time and make my cooking experience more efficient, I especially like those that are multi-functional. Klaus Hackl has designed a collection of kitchen-tools for the French company ENO that takes into account all the needs of the modern cook. Continue reading

stackable oven cookware set - Stackable Oventrays: Entire Meal, One Oven

Stackable Oventrays: Entire Meal, One Oven


Imagine yourself an entire meal cooked in one oven at the same time. Impossible? Think again – With Menu’s Stackable Oven Trays you can do exactly that. Here you have a stackable oven dish set that can be stacked inside and outside the oven. The openings on the sides allow warmth in the oven to circulate freely and heat food in all the dishes at once.

This unique oven-to-table cookware set offers different combinations: two medium sized dishes fit on top of the largest one, and two of the smaller ones fit on top of the mediums, so that each dish or ingredient is heated separately. The dishes are fitted with four heat-resistant silicone legs at each corner, so that you can take them directly out of the oven and set them onto the tabletop without using trivets – How clever is that?! Continue reading

steam tower menu - Steam Tower: Nutritional Power

Steam Tower: Nutritional Power


Modern cooking is slowly re-discovering the power of steam. Although the steaming method is well known for centuries, we had to go through fried-roasted-soaked fiasco first. Well, here we are again, and this time we’re equipped with this ever practical Steam Tower.

This is a brilliant cooking tool: A modern version of the traditional Asian steamer. The porcelain bowls can be stacked in the oven, enabling the preparation of several dishes at once. And the result is healthy, moist and fantastic. The Steam Tower maintains vitamins and minerals and adds a wonderful taste to your food. Nutritional power in this steam tower. Continue reading

corn zipper kuhnrikon2 - Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper: an effective kitchen gadget

Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper: an effective kitchen gadget


I love going to my local farmers’ market, the stalls are always packed with fresh produce and there’s such an abundance of colors and smells that I always end up with baskets full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I prefer seasonal cooking but I also like to buy produce and preserve or freeze it for use later on when it’s scarcer. One of my favorites is fresh corn on the cob. I like it best at the beginning of the season when the kernels are small and sweet. I make the usual corn dishes like chowders, corn pudding and relishes and I also like to add raw kernels to my salads. Continue reading

cut brooklyn knives 4 - Cut Brooklyn: the cutting edge of handmade knives

Cut Brooklyn: the cutting edge of handmade knives


If you take cooking seriously, then you will appreciate the Cut Brooklyn handmade kitchen knives. What chefs and cooking enthusiasts say about the importance of a good knife, I learned at the age of twelve from my mother.

I grew up with a mother who never dreamed of buying pre-made, processed food but made everything herself: from mayonnaise and jam to preserves and sauces. Everything we ate was prepared from scratch. She also had very strict rules about working in the kitchen and I have to admit that she knew what she was doing. One of the first things I learned when working with her in the kitchen was the importance of knives.

She had an assortment of premium knives, each one dedicated to specific cutting tasks and all of them extremely sharp. She taught me how to choose the perfectly balanced knife, how to use them and take care of them and ever since I have become a “knife groupie”. Continue reading

carving board lacornue 2 - La Cornue Carving Board: Tastefully Carved

La Cornue Carving Board: Tastefully Carved


It’s time to get to work with La Cornue Carving Board; this is exactly what this board means – business. Crafted from solid hornbeam, the same wood used in professional butcher blocks, the board is set on a slight incline that allows the meat juices to flow down the channels, carved on the outer edge of the board, and collected in a stainless steel Rolse juice bowl. The stainless bowl is easily removable to be used in the making of gravies or as an ‘au jus’ dipping bowl, while two cast iron handles provide easy handling.

Tastefully designed, this elegant poultry carving block does not come cheap. The famous La Cornue brand is devoted to excellence, offering connoisseurs only the very best. Continue reading

cooking spatulas clickncook3 - Click n Cook: Put Your Spatulas In Place

Click n Cook: Put Your Spatulas In Place


The Click n Cook unit is a very useful system for organizing and using your kitchen utensils. In general my kitchen is not cluttered, and when I cook I like to keep my work area clean and organized. Because I cook a lot, I prefer not to keep my cooking utensils in a drawer. My experience is that this drawer very quickly becomes a mess, I usually can’t find the tool I’m looking for and then I either empty the drawer onto the counter (by this time I’m really frustrated) or improvise with whichever tool I manage to have on hand.

Of course the tool-drawer saga doesn’t end here because then I go out and buy a new utensil and the next time I empty the drawer I find out I have six of it. Great… So I have devised a system where I keep my spatulas organized in jars on my counter, divided by their use and near at hand. It solves the problem of easily finding the right one but it means that I have to compromise my work space. Continue reading

oven mitt pot holder built - Oven Mitt & Pot Holder: If You Can't Take The Heat

Oven Mitt & Pot Holder: If You Can’t Take The Heat


For some of us the kitchen is an unknown territory, but for some of us it could be our kingdom in which we rule. Having the best equipment is a must, that’s why with these stylish oven mitts and pot holders you could be assured that you have simply the best.

This is not just an oven mitt – it fits either hand, and the neoprene protects your arms and hands from hot surfaces. It is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit; for left and right handed use. The added bonus – Its sleek design and colorful patterns make this item a must have for your kitchen. With the vibrant pot holder, you can have a lively kitchen, where it’s fun and safe to cook. With these two cool cooking tools, you could definitely take the heat… Continue reading

measuring spoons rings - Diamond Ring Measuring Spoons: For The Kitchen Diva

Diamond Ring Measuring Spoons: For The Kitchen Diva


In the words of Marilyn Monroe: “diamonds are a girls’ best friend”, and these diamond ring measuring spoons are no exception. The diamond ring measuring spoons are made of plastic and separate easily for use and to clean. Using them always puts me in a good mood: when I look at them I can’t help but admiring the sheer kitschyness of the design and then when I start measuring I find myself smiling at their playfulness and humming show tunes. In fact they put me in such a good mood that I have given them as gifts to all of my baker friends. Continue reading