kitchen measuring cup - Equal Measure: A Super Funny Measuring Cup

Equal Measure: A Super Funny Measuring Cup


Who says cooking tools should be dull? The Equal Measure is a functional yet super funny measuring cup by Fred. Continue reading

kitchen gadget eggmuffin - Egg & Muffin Toaster: A Breakfast of Champions

Egg & Muffin Toaster: A Breakfast of Champions


Here’s a great kitchen gadget for all you morning people; the Egg & Muffin Toaster by Back to Basics is a sleek tool with the right size for your kitchen counter. Continue reading


1 Click Butter Cutter: Butter Dish is Out the Window


I came across this funny gadget called the One Click Butter Cutter. Who would have thought that this great kitchen tool could keep your cooking habits healthy as well as your hands clean. Continue reading

kitchen gadgets holaola3 - Kitchen gadgets Hola ola

Kitchen gadgets Hola ola

Kitchen-gadgets-holaolaThe new KEDO cooking tool is called the Hola ola. This is a cool gadget concept behind a three product series. It is basically a container to use in your kitchen, which is made out of silicon.

Due to the material flexibility you can open it by a single squeeze with one hand. After relaxing your grip the pouch will return to its natural shape closing up the opening nicely.

The Hola ola No.1 can be used as a kitchen storage device, like sugar for example. combination with specially designed spoons for both seasoning powder and sticky sauce paste, like honey or peanut butter, makes it a highly functional item. This cool kitchen gadget comes in yellow, black and lilac. Continue reading

kitchen gadgets lemon - Kitchen gadgets Lemon run

Kitchen gadgets Lemon run


A great gadget by the name of “Lemon run” has caught my eye. This kitchen gadget will prevent you from spurting juice all over the place, or even worse, onto people’s face or clothes while squeezing it onto your dish. Continue reading